Tina Rose Nye, West Ashley, South Carolina (arrested Apr 2021) [assaulting infants causing injury]

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    Tina Rose Nye, 55, daycare worker at Carousel Early Childhood Center, 1083 Jenkins Road, West Ashley, South Carolina, "assaulting infants"

    Woman arrested for assaulting infants at Lowcountry daycare

    A 55-year-old woman was arrested Friday for assaulting infants at a Lowcountry daycare. According to the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, Tina Rose Nye was arrested for assaulting three infants ranging in age from three to five months old at Carousel Early Childhood Center on Jenkins Road in West Ashley earlier this week. Affidavits revealed the incidents were captured on security video at the daycare, including “repeatedly shaking the victims in a violent manner,” swinging the infants, and not supporting the victims head and neck when necessary. Injury was caused in each case, according to the reports. Nye is being held ...

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    [google]Woman arrested for assaulting infants at Lowcountry daycare[/google]
    Tina Rose Nye, Carousel Early Childhood Center, West Ashley, South Carolina, Charleston
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