Teacher's arrest sparks unrest

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    Kenneth Brown, teacher at Classes at Santa Cruz Primary and Junior High, Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, "accused of having hit a child"

    Teacher's arrest sparks unrest

    The teacher, Kenneth Brown, who was released on bail some time after mid-day, told the Jamaica Observer he was taken into custody on an assault-related charge. He has denied the allegation. Brown claimed the child ran into a door causing injury to his forehead ...

    Explaining how his arrest came about, Brown -- who teaches Civics and woodwork-related Product Design -- told the Observer that on Friday, September 19 he was struggling to bring his Grade 8 class under control when he heard a particular disruptive noise from a section of the classroom. He walked towards the source of the noise and a boy ran. Brown said another boy shoved the classroom door and the fleeing boy was hit in the head by the door, causing injury to his forehead. The child reportedly developed a swelling, colloquially referred to as a 'coco', on his forehead. ...

    Brown claimed that while he had a belt in hand at the time, he had not intended to hit the boy.

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    Kenneth Brown, Santa Cruz Primary and Junior High, Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica
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