Sharon Sanders, Jacksonville, Florida (demoted Jan 2013) [testing misconduct]

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    Sharon Sanders, principal at Windy Hill Elementary School [Duval County Public Schools], Jacksonville, Florida, "testing misconduct"

    New job after demotion: Assistant principal, Landmark Middle School [Duval County Public Schools], Jacksonville, Florida

    News 4 Jax: Principal investigated for testing misconduct: Superintendent recommends demotion, reduction in salary (Jan 3 2013)

    Duval County Superintendent Nikolai Vitti is recommending the School Board reassign the principal of Windy Hill Elementary School and reduce her salary following a district investigation into misconduct involving testing procedures ... "Following recently received information of a district investigation concluding that misconduct occurred involving testing procedures at the school, I felt strongly that swift action was needed to ensure the integrity of our testing environments and professional standards," Vitti said in a statement.

    Sharon Sanders, Jacksonville, Florida, Windy Hill Elementary School, Duval County Public Schools, Landmark Middle School
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    WOKV: Windy Hill Principal faces demotion (Jan 4 2013)

    A Duval County elementary school principal is facing demotion. Duval County Public Schools Superintendent Nikolai Vitti has requested Windy Hill Elementary School Principal Sharon Sanders be demoted to Assistant Principal and have her salary reduced. He says this relates to a district investigation which found misconduct in testing procedures at the school.
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    Florida Times-Union: Principal demoted after misconduct in testing (Jan 4 2013)

    A Duval County Public Schools elementary principal is being demoted after a district investigation concluded testing misconduct occurred at her school. Superintendent Nikolai Vitti has reassigned Windy Hill Elementary principal Sharon Sanders to Landmark Middle School as an assistant principal, beginning Thursday.
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    Fox 30 Jax: Superintendent recommends demotion and pay reduction for Jacksonville teacher (Jan 3 2013)

    Superintendent Nikolai Vitti recommended that the Windy Hill Elementary principal be demoted and have a salary reduction after a district investigation found testing misconduct at the school. Dr. Vitti recommended Sharon Sanders be demoted to assistant principal at another school. He requested that the demotion and pay decrease be considered at the January board meeting. A school spokeswoman tells us, she has already been reassigned.

    Action News Jax: Superintendent recommends demotion and pay reduction for Jacksonville teacher (Jan 3 2013)