Guilty! Sarah Louise Swanson-Suhrstedt, Central Point, Oregon (arrested June 2012)

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    Name: Sarah Louise Swanson-Suhrstedt, Central Point, Oregon

    Age: 28

    School: Crater High School, Central Point, Oregon (Central Point School District #6)

    Position: Science teacher

    Victim: Boy, 18

    Newswatch 12 ABC (14 June 2012): Crater Teacher Arrested For Misconduct

    Newswatch 12 ABC (14 June 2012): Crater High School Teacher Arrested

    KTVZ (14 June 2012): Ore. Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With Student

    Sarah Louise Swanson-Suhrstedt, Central Point, Oregon, Crater High School, Central Point School District #6
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    KEZI 9 ABC (14 July 2012): Crater Teacher Arrested For Misconduct

    News 10 KTVL (14 June 2012): Police arrest Crater High teacher

    KOBI NBC 5 (14 June 2012): High School Teacher Arrested for Alleged Sex With Student

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    Mail Tribune (14 June 2012): Crater teacher charged in alleged relationship with student

    The Republic (14 June 2012): Central Point, Ore., teacher accused of sexual relationship with student

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    This is the best, most thorough article yet on this case. They're both adults. I predict the prosecutor will have a very difficult time making a malfeasance ("official conduct") charge stick unless there is some evidence of a quid pro quo arrangement (e.g. grades or favorable treatment in the classroom) that benefited the student.

    Oregon Public Broadcasting (14 June 2012): Ex-Crater Teacher Faces Misconduct Charges

  5. A teacher can be accused and never get to say a word in her own defense. The lies that a young man started has ruined a young woman's career, emotional state and life and he gets away with it, just because sacrasm becomes the truth, is utterly ridiculous if anyone knew this woman. The hope is that someday vengance will be the Lord's on this young man and his life will be ruined for his actions, he has had every opportunity to come straight, but is afraid it will ruin his studly image is (expletive deleted).
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    Google News (June 16 2012):

    Ex-Crater teacher faces misconduct charges
    Mail Tribune
    CENTRAL POINT — Former Crater High School science teacher Sarah Louise Swanson-Suhrstedt was arrested Thursday on a charge of official ... police department, the Southern Oregon High-Tech Crimes Task Force and School District 6.
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    Thanks for the update:

    A former Crater High teacher will serve 11 months "bench probation" and pay about $360 in fines related to misdemeanor charges for having an inappropriate relationship with a male student. Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Lorenzo Mejia sentenced former Crater High science teacher Sarah Louise Swanson-Suhrstedt on Friday. Swanson-Suhrstedt, who was not present in court but was represented by Medford lawyer Jeni Feinberg, will pay a $100 conviction fee, $100 bench probation fee and $160 fine. Swanson-Suhrstedt, who has moved to Portland since she resigned her teaching job at Crater, was accused of pursuing an inappropriate relationship with an 18-year-old ...