Ronnie Johnson, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (arrested July 2013)

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    Ronnie Johnson, 46, former principal at Young Leaders Academy, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, "faces 14 counts, including sexual assault of a child"

    More recently served as Vice-President for the midwest region, Universal Companies, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Fox 6 Now: Former educator faces 14 counts of child sexual assault (July 30 2013)

    Johnson faces the following charges (including 14 total counts):
    • second degree sexual assault — two counts
    • child enticement (exposing sex organ)
    • sexual assault of a child under 13 years of age — four counts
    • repeated sexual assault of a child
    • attempted second degree sexual assault
    • exposing genitals or pubic area — three counts
    • third degree sexual assault — two counts
    A criminal complaint in the case says:
    • Brown Deer Police spoke with a woman who told them her three sons had told her they had been sexually assaulted by Johnson — a family friend, one son’s former fifth grade teacher, one son’s godfather and her sons’ former school principal.
    • ... that woman told police her three sons attended the Young Leaders Academy while Johnson was the school’s principal.
    • The mother told police her sons did not have a strong father figure, and told police Johnson assumed that role ...
    • The woman said over the years, her sons would visit Johnson’s residence and the visits would vary from a few hours, to spending the night ...
    • ... as the boys were preparing for college, the boys’ mother encourage them to seek Johnson’s advise, as he had “helped people go to college.”
    • ... at some point, one of her sons no longer wanted to go over to Johnson’s house, without explanation — telling his mother he “hated” Johnson.
    • ... another son got a phone call from Johnson and refused to speak with him. That’s when the complaint says the boy went outside and spoke with Johnson, before coming back to the home angry.
    • ... the boys’ mother spoke with Johnson, who said the boy “might have been mad about a story crafted by his brother about how Johnson had touched him when he was younger.”
    • Then, ... the boys’ mother received a text message from her son saying: “Sorry mom, but there is some stuff that you are about to find out.”
    • ... the boys’ mother told officials that upon learning of what happened, “certain circumstances and behaviors that seemed unexplainable now made a lot of sense.” She also stated that she is concerned because she is aware that “lots of kids” — mainly boys, would go over to Johnson’s house.
    • ... Johnson called his favorite students from YLA his “godsons” or “favorites,” and one of the victims in this case told officials he believes some of the “godsons” still visit Johnson’s residence.
    • ... Johnson had referred to himself as the “Godfather.”
    • ... many of the sexual assault incidents occurred while the boys were sleeping over at Johnson’s home.
    • ... during a search warrant of Johnson’s home, they discovered what appeared to be height markers on the door frame to Johnson’s master bedroom.
    • Additionally, ... officials discovered two letters addressed to Ronnie Johnson from the Waupun Correctional Institute, one of which read, in part: “I have a question for you that might shock you a lot. I want you – no I need you to answer it straight forward. Truthfully. Why were you making me do those things to you, and why were you doing them to me? Sexually? Having me touch you, and making me lay on my stomach while you’re on top of me? And everything else that was going on when I was @ that very young age? I’m every way, you molested me Ronn. It may no have been in a violent way, but you did. You sexually molested me. Why? I sometimes sit and wonder if that is one of the reasons why I was acting how I was. Doing what I was doing. Running the streets and all.”
    Officials also discovered a sex toy, Playboy magazines, a photo of a young man sleeping, letters from former graduates of the Young Leaders Academy, a silver iPad, and several photos of unknown juveniles, according to the complaint.

    Playboy magazines? Oh, my! I think we're all in trouble now. :(

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    CBS 58: Two new victims found in former principal sex assault case (Aug 12 2013)

    Former charter school principal Ronnie Johnson, 46, is facing additional criminal charges after investigators find out about two more sexual assault victims. Johnson was initially charged for sexually abusing three brothers over the course of ten years.


    Two new victims were discovered as investigators searched Johnson's Brown Deer home. They found letters written to him from two victims who are incarcerated at the Waupun Correction Facility. The first victim police spoke with said he was sent by his adopted mother to live with Johnson between 2002 and 2003, because he was getting into trouble. This victim was the only one to report Johnson engaged in intercourse with him. He says Johnson told him, "This is between us, you're my son."

    The second newly discovered victim told police Johnson and his mother were teachers together at Lee Elementary School. He said his mother allowed him to hang out with Johnson, because she thought Johnson would be a positive influence on him. The second newly discovered victim says Johnson sexually assaulted him several times over the course of seven to eight years.