Robert Woerheide, Valley Park, Missouri (suspended Jan 2015) [protective order, stalking student]

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    Robert Woerheide, 38, language arts teacher at Valley Park High School, Valley Park School District, Valley Park, Missouri, "served with an order of protection for “stalking” a former student"

    Teacher on paid leave over claims of stalking student
    On January 28, St. Louis County police say the 38 year-old teacher showed up at the home of a 16 year-old girl, his former student. Court documents show Woerheide had a knife, and caused a disturbance. The girl’s father asked him to leave. He refused, so the father called police. The teacher was arrested and charged with misdemeanor trespassing.

    The next day, the girl’s father filed an order of protection against the 38 year-old, stating that he “has consistently tried to contact my child.” According to this court order, Woerheide can’t communicate with the 16 year-old girl, stalk her or threaten her. He can’t enter her home, or Valley Park High School, or get within 500 feet of her. He can only appear at school, if required by Valley Park administrators.

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    It seems that rather than his presence being "required by Valley Park administrators", he has instead been placed on leave & banned from the school. :D

    Robert Woerheide, Valley Park High School, Valley Park School District, Valley Park, Missouri
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    Valley Park High School teacher on administrative leave

    30 Jan 2015

    A St. Louis County high school teacher is notably absent from the classroom. He was put on paid administrative leave while police say they’re investigating his conduct. FOX 2 received anonymous tips regarding what Robert Woerheide, a Valley Park High School language arts teacher, is accused of, but neither school administrators nor police will confirm these tips. Valley Park School District Spokesperson Kathy Josephsohn says this teacher allegedly violated board policy, but she wouldn’t say which policy that was. The school district has launched an investigation, and at this point, Woerheide is not permitted on school grounds.