Guilty! Robert Liddle, Tuxford, England, United Kingdom (arrested Aug 2012) [sexual relationship w/ pupil]

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    Robert Liddle (Linden Road, Tuxford), 34, math teacher an unspecified school, Tuxford, England, United Kingdom, "sexual relationship with a girl pupil half his age"

    Retsford Today: Teacher jailed for sex with pupil half his age (Dec 1 2012)

    Robert Liddle, 34, of Linden Road, Tuxford, admitted abuse of a position of trust ... At the time of the offences he was working as a maths teacher at a comprehensive school, which we are unable to name for legal reasons. The girl, aged 17, stayed behind after lessons and discussed with him any problems she had, said Christopher Lowe, prosecuting. When Liddle let her know he was on Facebook she added him as a ‘friend’ and they began communicating on-line. The girl’s mother discovered their exchanges and told the school, who gave the teacher a warning he should not be alone with the girl in school. Liddle continued to meet her outside school and took her for drives in his car.


    Robert Liddle, Tuxford, England, United Kingdom
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    Gainsborough Standard: Teacher jailed for sex with pupil half his age (Dec 1 2012)

    They had sex for the first time at his home and again on a three-day holiday in the south of England, said Mr Lowe. On her return the girl was confronted by her mother and confessed to her. [Robbert] Liddle was arrested in August and bailed with a condition of not contacting the girl. But he saw her again and they again had sex. He was later remanded into custody by the police.
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    Dinnington Today: Teacher jailed for sex with pupil half his age (Dec 1 2012)

    In mitigation, it was said [Robbert] Liddle, a man of previous good character, was remorseful and accepted he should have thought it all through at the time. He was not aware it constituted a criminal offence ... Judge Philip Head said he accepted it was a relationship of genuine affection on both sides. But it involved the exploitation of a vulnerable personality ... Liddle will be on the Sex Offenders’ Register for 10 years and is disqualified for life from working with persons under 16.