Guilty! Leveda Marie Green, Ellicott, Colorado (arrested Feb 2014)

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    Leveda Marie Green, 41, teacher's assistant at Ellicott High School, Ellicott School District 22, Ellicott, Colorado, "accused of having a sexual relationship with a student"

    KKTV: Former Teacher's Assistant Arrested For Sex Assault (Mar 14 2014)

    Leveda Green, 41, is accused of having a sexual relationship with a student ... Court papers show Green and the student exchanged text messages. One of the messages reportedly from Green said: “I love u so, so much! U are my super amazing, sweet, loving, caring, and sexy future husband!! I want to be with u for ever and ever!” The accuser told deputies they had sex on a road in the "middle of nowhere" in Green's car. School administrators told investigators they witnessed Green and the student holding hands at the school and rubbing each other's legs.
    When Green was confronted about the allegations by school administrators, court papers say she verbally resigned from her position at the high school in January of 2013. El Paso County Sheriff's deputies arrested Green in February of 2014.

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    So noted, also added her sex-offender info inline after your link.

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