Kevin L. France, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (arrested May 2013)

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    Kevin L. France, 37, special education teacher at Mary McLeod Bethune Academy, Milwaukee Public Schools, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, "allegedly exposing himself to teenage girls in a Milwaukee Public Schools classroom"

    Fox 6 Now: Milwaukee man accused of exposing himself in classroom (May 24 2013)

    Four female students in a special education class approached the principal at the school “to report misconduct by their teacher,” who is France. The complaint indicates the girls had seen France touching himself by the teacher’s aide’s desk whenever the teacher’s aide left the room.
    • The student listed at Victim Two said on December 1st, 2012, she heard France moaning and looking at students.
    • Victim Three said France played with his privates under the table and looked at her.
    • Victim Four said she observed France removing his “stuff” under the table.
    The complaint says a detective who interviewed the teacher’s aide found out the students would tell her “it happened again” when she returned to the classroom. The complaint says, “for this reason, (the teacher’s aide) started taking all seven of the kids in class whenever she had to leave the room.” The teacher’s aide also stated to authorities that France made strange noises in the classroom but she never saw him performing any sex acts.

    Kevin L. France, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mary McLeod Bethune Academy, Milwaukee Public Schools
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    Journal-Sentinel: MPS teacher accused of exposing himself to students (May 25 2013)

    The principal told police that she separated the girls and hadᅠeach oneᅠmake a hand-written statement describing the complaints. The girls accused [Kevin L.] France of touching his genitals and exposing himself. One of the girls said the teacher began these activities after a classroom aide took other children to the bathroom.