Keith Dickens, Van Buren, Arkansas (arrested Jan 2013) [video voyeurism]

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    Keith Dickens, 42, substitute teacher at James R. Tate Elementary School [Van Buren School District], Van Buren, Arkansas, "accused of trying to record images of two young boys in an elementary school bathroom"

    5 News Online: Deputies Investigate More Allegations Against Substitute Teacher (Jan 9 2013)

    Keith Dickens, 42, of Van Buren, was arrested Tuesday (Jan. 8) on a charge of video voyeurism, Crawford County Chief Deputy James Damante said ... The incident for which Dickens was arrested happened at Tate Elementary where he was a substitute teacher. Two second graders told a teacher they were in the bathroom using the urinals when they noticed a hand holding a cell phone underneath the stall, Chief Deputy Damante said. “He admitted to using his phone,” said Damante. “He said that he deleted whatever he had on that phone at that point and that’s why we’re getting a search warrant to actually find out for sure.”

    Keith Dickens, Van Buren, Arkansas, James R. Tate Elementary School, Van Buren School District
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    Today's THV: KFSM: Substitute teacher accused of recording students in bathroom (Jan 9 2013)

    According to Crawford County Chief Deputy James Damante, Keith Dickens, 42, of Van Buren, was arrested on a charge of video voyeurism. The two second graders told their teachers that they saw a hand holding a cell phone underneath the stall while they were suing the restroom, said Damante.
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    NWA Home Page: Substitute Teacher Arrested for Video Voyeurism (Jan 10 2013)

    The Crawford County Sheriffs Department says Keith Dickens, of Van Buren, was arrested after students at Tate Elementary told a teacher that Dickens was in the boy's bathroom taking pictures of students inside bathroom stalls.
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    TMC Net: Van Buren Substitute Teacher Suspected Of Video Voyeurism Arrested (Jan 10 2013)

    Damante said two second-grade boys at Tate Elementary School in Van Buren went to use the urinals in the bathroom of the school. The boys did not know anyone else was in the bathroom at the time, and allegedly saw a hand holding a cellphone toward them from underneath one of the bathroom stalls, Damante said. The boys left the bathroom and alerted a female teacher of what they saw, describing the phone and some clothing of the suspect. The teacher waited outside the bathroom and allegedly saw Dickens come out, Damante said ... School district administration officials contacted authorities, Damante said. Deputies arrived at the school and interviewed the boys and Dickens voluntarily came to the Sheriff's Office to make a statement.
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    Arkansas Matters: Substitute Teacher Arrested for Taking Pictures of Elementary Students in Boy's Bathroom (Jan 10 2013)

    A substitute teacher was arrested after students say he was taking pictures of them inside the boy's bathroom. The Crawford County Sheriff's Office arrested Keith Dickens Tuesday. Students at Tate Elementary School told a teacher that Dickens was taking pictures of others inside the boy's bathroom stalls. Sheriff's deputies are waiting for approval of a search warrant to look into Dickens' phone and computers.
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    Press Argus: Substitute teacher arrested (Jan 16 2013)

    Keith W. Dickens of Van Buren was arrested Tuesday evening after it was reported that he had used his phone to take photos of two second-grade boys in a bathroom at Tate Elementary, said Crawford County Chief Deputy Jim Damante. While using the urinals in the bathroom Tuesday, the two boys saw an arm holding a cell phone extend from the adjacent stall, they told police. The phone faced each boy as they moved around the room, they said. When they left the bathroom, the boys told a female teacher who was standing outside about the incident, Damante said.


    Deputies are pursuing a search warrant for Dickens' phone, which they have in custody. They plan to use technology to try to recover any video or photos that would relate to the case, Damante said. "It's a very good possibility that we can get forensic analysts to recover those images," Damante said.