Joseph Brian Collins, Grand Ridge, Florida (arrested Aug 2013) [child sex sting]

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    Joseph Brian Collins (3201 Hughes Lane, Cottondale, Florida), 43 (born Dec 29 1969), former physical education teacher and head football & baseball coach at Grand Ridge School, Jackson County School Board, Grand Ridge, Florida, "multiple charges related to child solicitation"

    Previously worked as:
    WCTV: Former Coach Arrested For Online Solicitation Of A Minor [PROBABLE CAUSE ATTACHED] (Aug 9 2013)

    Now police says it started from a post from an undercover investigator posing as a 12 year old girl on a website. According to police, Collins started communicating with the undercover investigator on Monday. The probable cause report says on Tuesday, Collins sent a picture exposing himself. On Wednesday, Collins started describing sex acts he wanted to do with the child. On Thursday police arrested him.

    Joseph Brian Collins, Grand Ridge, Florida, Grand Ridge School, Jackson County School Board
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    Jackson County Floridian: Fomer local coach/teacher arrested: Accused in undercover sting of soliciting minor (Aug 9 2013)

    Collins, 43, allegedly replied to the ad on the same date. Immediately told that he was communicating with a 12-year-old girl, he allegedly continued communicating and inquired as to whether “the child” was bothered by his age. He asked what she looked like, and asked for a photograph, authorities say. An undercover photo was sent to him, and he then asked what type of undergarment she liked to wear, the document state. During this first conversation, Collins sent back a photo of himself fully clothed, according to the document.

    The next day, officials say the communication between Collins and the undercover officer continued. Collins allegedly asked if other men sent her “dirty pictures,” according to the document. As they continued chatting, Collins allegedly asked sexual questions and talked about his sexual organ. He sent a photograph of himself without a shirt on, then one of himself without pants, with his private area exposed, according to the document. He later asked to meet and talked about specific sexual acts he wanted to engage in with the individual, the document states.

    The following day, a Wednesday, more communication occurred, according to the document. On that day, he allegedly talked more about travelling to meet her, and then sent some sexually explicit photographs. “He was given a location to meet ‘the child’ but it does not appear that he arrived at the location,” according to the document, and communication ceased.
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