Jared Lehnhoff-Bell, St. Louis, Missouri (arrested Apr 2014)

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    Jared Lehnhoff-Bell (34xx Charlack Avenue, St. John, Missouri), 35, social studies teacher at Ritenour High School, Ritenour School District, St. Louis, Missouri, "felony counts of statutory rape, statutory sodomy and sexual contact with a student"

    Overland police say Lehnhoff-Bell had sex with the student between March 19 and April 10 at Lehnhoff-Bell's home. Court documents say that when police went to arrest him, he was "appearing to leave town; in a car with luggage and all of his personal belongings." Police also found a note to the victim in Lehnhoff-Bell's pocket.

    Ritenour High School teacher charged with having sex with student

    20 minutes ago • By Joel Currier jcurrier@post-dispatch.com 314-340-8256 ST. LOUIS COUNTY • A Ritenour High School social studies teacher had sexual relationship with a student younger than 17, authorities say. Jared Lehnhoff-Bell, 35, of the 3400 ...

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    Jared Lehnhoff-Bell, Ritenour High School, Ritenour School District, St. Louis, Missouri
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    News Readers The Paperboy

    A spokesperson for the Ritenour School District says the allegations were brought to the district's attention Wednesday and Lenhoff-Bell was immediately placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.

    He was arrested Wednesday and charged Thursday with three felonies involving a 16-year-old girl.


    Overland police found Lehnhoff-Bell and the 16-year-old girl together in her neighborhood around midnight earlier this week. They questioned her the next day and that's when she told them about the sexual relationship with the Lehnhoff-Bell. Overland police found him Wednesday and arrested him.

    Ritenour teacher accused of sexual relationship with student

    ST. LOUIS COUNTY – A Ritenour High School teacher is accused of having a sexual relationship with a student at his home. Jared Lehnhoff-Bell is charged with two counts of second-degree statutory sodomy and one count of sexual contact with a student by a ...

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  4. That photo is definitely not Jared Bell! They don't even resemble each other.
  5. TMP

    TMP Himself

    Will remove it, thanks for the feedback. That was his wife though. :) Might explain why he was reportedly messing around ....

  6. Yes that is him I had him in 2007 as my Geography teacher.
  7. TMP

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    Now that his official mug shot is available, we'll stick with that. :)
  8. looks like the guy I went to college with but older; spit on a teaching career to have a relationship with a 16 year-old girl. I never thought he was a very smart guy. He was once married and screwed that up too.
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    yes it is, I had him last year for western civ
  10. TMP

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    The picture that's up now is his official mugshot, courtesy of the St. Louis County Jail.
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    He was my current year Adv. American history teacher. He was a great teacher. Its very unfortunate that he made a very stupid decision
  12. good friend

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    Very close friend of mine and always will be.