Ian Douglas Miyamoto, Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada [arrested Oct 2013) [gun charges]

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    Former Fenelon Falls math teacher sentenced to six months of house arrest

    Justice Rhys Morgan, in sentencing Mr. Miyamoto, 50, to six months house arrest, said he agreed with defence counsel William Thompson that he could not punish Mr. Miyamoto for a crime he did not commit. The judge noted the former teacher, in the grip of a serious mental illness, still had the capacity to determine what he was contemplating doing was wrong, and he drove away from the school.


    He agreed with forensic psychiatrist Dr. Helen Ward’s testimony that Mr. Miyamoto had been undergoing treatment in the weeks prior to the incident, and his medications were adjusted. But, the effect of the new dosages of the drugs he was taking “agitated him,,,and fuelled his rage and suicidal and homicidal thoughts.” Dr. Hall testified during the plea hearing that there is a period when some medications are changed that can seriously affect a patient’s mental state; saying it is “a dangerous time” that all doctors are aware of. Justice Morgan noted Mr. Miyamoto’s feelings that he was confronting years of racial slurs at the school, and that teachers who were “neutral” did not appear to like him. As a result, he did not socialize with them.


    The terms of Mr. Miyamoto’s sentence and three years’ probation mirror his bail conditions. Under house arrest, he must remain at his small cottage on a Quebec lake, allowed out only for medical appointments, religious services and one day per week for errands. He has strict conditions about contact with former colleagues or students (he may not contact any of the victims in the case; but Justice Morgan noted he has no desire to do so.)

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