Georgia B. Cox, Dayton, Ohio (arrested Oct 2012) [misdemeanor assault]

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    Georgia B. Cox, 49, special education teacher at Meadowdale High School [Dayton Public Schools], Dayton, Ohio, "accused of hitting teen"


    WHIO TV: Dayton teacher accused of hitting teen (Oct 17 2012)

    A teacher at Meadowdale High School has been arrested after she allegedly hit a 16-year-old student. Georgia Cox, 49, was arrested and booked into jail Tuesday. Last week, Maj. David Hale of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said Cox would at least be charged with misdemeanor assault ... The student uses a wheelchair because he has cerebral palsy and has severely limited mobility and verbal abilities. Hale said the video clearly shows the teacher and the student having a disagreement in the cafeteria. He said the student appears to try to flail his arms at her and the teacher smacks him in the shoulder once, and then again a short time later.

    Georgia B. Cox, Dayton, Ohio, Meadowdale High School, Dayton Public Schools