Credentials Resigned/Revoked/Suspended/Censured/Reprimanded! David Broach, Camden, New Jersey (credentials revoked Apr 2021) [inappropriate actions w/students]

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    Terminated by Freedom Prep Charter School (date not given), teaching credentials revoked April 2021

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    David Broach, health & physical education teacher at Freedom Prep Charter School, Camden, New Jersey, "inappropriate actions w/students"

    State board revokes certificate from former teachers
    1. David Broach, "allegations of inappropriate actions with students"
    2. Dawn Norcross, "admitted guilt in December 2019 to possessing a weapon for an unlawful purpose"
    3. Davina M. Levari, "charged in October 2018 with theft by unlawful taking after charging about $4,000 to an employer's credit card"
    A state board has revoked the certificates of a former teacher at a Camden charter school and two Cumberland County educators. The State Board of Examiners at its April 1 meeting ordered the surrender of a certificate held by David Broach, who taught at Freedom Prep in Camden. It took similar action against Dawn Norcross and Davina M. Levari, who lost their certificates due to prosecutions by the Cumberland County Prosector’s Office. None of the teachers responded to multiple requests to object to the seizure of their certificates, said the board. It cited all three for engaging in unbecoming conduct. ...

    David Broach:

    According to the board, Freedom terminated Broach due to allegations of inappropriate actions with students.

    The charter school then provided the state board with information about its ex-employee, a ruling said.

    The school alleged Broach inappropriately communicated with students via texts and social media, and that he made students uncomfortable with his comments and touching, according to the board.

    Broach held a teacher of health and physical education since October 2018, the order said.

    It said his alleged actions "clearly demonstrates conduct that is unacceptable for any adult, especially one who is ostensibly a role model."

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