Guilty! Cara Dickey, Buffalo, New York (arrested June 2008) [Skipped parole Jan 2013]

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    Cara Dickey, 34, former teacher at South Buffalo Charter School, Buffalo, New York, skipped out on parole after serving "prison time for the statutory rape of a male student who was 14 years old at the time"

    WIVB: Cops search for ex schoolteacher (Jan 10 2013)

    Police are searching for a former schoolteacher, who they say cut off her ankle bracelet and is now on the run. Police are looking for 34-year-old Cara Dickey, and are offering up to a $1,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the suspect.

    Cara Dickey, Buffalo, New York, South Buffalo Charter School
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    WKBW: Authorities: Former Teacher Skips Parole (Jan 10 2013)

    A former Buffalo teacher on parole for raping one of her students is on the run. Officers say Cara Dickey cut off her ankle-monitoring device, and is nowhere to be found ... On January 8th, a parole officer talked to Dickey about another possible involvement with a minor, as recent as the holidays. Peter Cutler, with the NYS Department of Corrections, says "Her parole prohibited her from having contact with minors unless there was a waiver from her parole officer. And obviously that's not the case." The next day, authorities say Dickey cut off her monitoring device. She has not been seen or heard from since.
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    WKBW: Cara Dickey, On The Run, Calls Eyewitness News (Jan 11 2013)

    Cara Dickey did find time to contact Eyewitness News on Friday morning. A woman claiming to be Dickey said she is not pursuing an inappropriate relationship with another minor child, as New York State parole officers have alleged, she said ... Dickey said she will not turn herself in.
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    WGRZ: Teacher Who Had Inappropriate Relationship with Student Still Missing (Jan 11 2013)

    [Cara] Dickey, a former South Buffalo Charter School teacher admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with a student who was 14-years-old at the time. Police said Dickey and the boy had a suicide pact at the time, but could not complete it because she was arrested. Parole officers say they recently received information that Dickey may be involved with another underage male.
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    A couple background articles from around time of original arrest & trial ...

    WGRZ: Grand Jury Will Hear Case of Former Teacher (July 29 2008)

    Dickey appeared before a Buffalo City Court judge Monday morning. She faces charges of unlawful imprisonment, promoting a suicide attempt, unlawfully dealing with a child and endangering the welfare of a child. Two are felonies. Arrest papers reveal Dickey and a 14-year-old boy made a suicide pact. She picked him up on Marilla Street, right across from the school on June 16th. She had Tylenol, Nyquil, and Bacardi and UV Vanilla. Documents say the two had a pact to take the pills and drink alcohol and commit suicide. They spent the next 24 hours together.

    WKBW: Buffalo Teacher Pleads Guilty to Raping Student (July 9 2010)

    Cara Dickey plead guilty to two counts of rape in the second degree in court Wednesday afternoon in a plea deal ... Dickey now faces 2 to 5 years of possible jail time. She must also register as a sex offender, surrender her teaching certificate, and remain at the Erie County Holding Center as she waits for her sentencing date scheduled for mid April. Whatever the judge decides as a prison sentence, her eight months of time already in the holding center are expected to go toward that sentence.
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    Huffington Post: Cara Dickey, Teacher Convicted Of Raping Student, Allegedly Violates New York Parole (Jan 14 2013)

    A teacher on parole for raping a student cut off her electronic monitoring bracelet and disappeared in upstate New York, state officials said. Cara Dickey, an ex-Buffalo social studies teacher, served two years after pleading guilty in 2010 to having sex with a 14-year-old boy, WKBW reported.


    Dickey removed the monitoring device from her ankle on January 9, the day after a parole officer questioned her about having inappropriate contact with a minor, according to police. Though the New York State Department of Corrections still hadn't found the 32-year-old mother of three on Sunday, a caller claiming to be Dickey contacted Buffalo television stations. The caller admitted to WIVB that she'd recently been in the presence of an underage boy -- a parole violation -- but denied she'd begun a relationship with him. She says she's now a lesbian who was with her girlfriend's younger brother over the holidays.
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    Your Jewish News: New York female teacher accused of raping young student flees (Jan 14 2013)

    A female New York teacher who pleaded guilty to raping a young student ripped off her monitoring bracelet and fled, the New York Department of Corrections said in a statement ... But Cara Dickey allegedly called local television stations to say it's all a misunderstanding and that she is willing to give herself up, as long as certain conditions are met. Dickey, 34, of Buffalo, wants her outstanding warrants canceled, police to stop saying that she was with a minor child and have two specific police officers arrested.
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    WIVB: Ex-teacher Cara Dickey captured (Feb 17 2013)

    U. S. Marshal Charles Salina of the Western District of New York announces the apprehension of former South Buffalo Charter School teacher, Cara Dickey ... Dickey's partner Candice Brighon was also on NYSDOCC Supervision; on January 9th, 2013, both women failed to report and escaped from Supervision ... Following a thorough search for the women lasting more than a month, Dickey and Brighon were found and arrested on February 16th, in a motel in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.
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    WIVB: Cara Dickey found in Illinois motel (Feb 17 2013)

    The search is over for former teacher and convicted sex offender Cara Dickey, and her partner Candice Brighon after U.S. Marshalls tracked them down Saturday afternoon in Illinois ... A twist in the case that recently become known was when Dickey was picked up by the Chicago Police Department February 13th on a prostitution charge in which she was not arrested, but was given an appearance ticket. She used an alias and was released ... Picking up Dickey on the prostitution charge was a big break in the case. "It just goes to show that when you're on the run, you need money and my suspicion is that she was probably out of money or looking for her and her counterpart money to stay on the run," said Salina.
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    NBC News: Fugitive Ex-Teacher Cara Dickey Captured (Feb 17 2013)

    The U.S. Marshals Service arrested Dickey for prostitution back on February 13th in Chicago, where she was working under a different name. "An individual was issued with appearance ticket by the Chicago police for prostitution. The individual used an alias and was released. Two days later, US Marshals and the Chicago Police determined that the individual was Cara," said Charles Salina, U.S. Marshal for Western New York. Authorities also arrested 25-year-old Candice Brighon, who fled parole with Dickey.
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    WGRZ: U.S. Marshals Find Cara Dickey in Chicago (Feb 17 2013)

    U.S. Marshals say after getting a number of tips about the pair's whereabouts, they were able to track them to a motel outside of Chicago Saturday afternoon. Investigators say no children were found with the two women. At one point parole officers were concered that [Cara] Dickey had begun another inappropriate relationship with an underage child. Part of the reason Dickey and [Candice] Brighon were found was because Dickey had been arrested for prostitution on February 13th by officials in Illinois. Police say she gave them a fake name and I.D. at the time she was arrested. She was given an appearance ticket and released, but eventually officials were able to determine who she really was.
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    Daily Herald: New York fugitive captured in Elk Grove Village (Feb 18 2013)

    Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal Dan Larish said the search for [Cara] Dickey involved marshals in the Great Lakes Regional Fugitive Task Force. Dickey was arrested and charged with prostitution Feb. 13 in Chicago, he said, adding that she used an alias, which caused some delay. Larish said police eventually found her Saturday at a Touhy Avenue motel in Elk Grove Village. Dickey was found with Candice Brighon, another Western New York fugitive originally arrested on charges of burglary, Larish said.
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    Connecticut Post: Fugitive former western NY school teacher caught (Feb 19 2013)

    The U.S. Marshals Service tells the Buffalo News ( ) that 34-year-old Cara Dickey and 25-year-old Candice Brighon were found Saturday in Chicago. A Marshals Service spokesman says the women met after Dickey was sentenced to four years in prison in 2009 for having sex with the South Buffalo Charter School student. State prison records show Brighon was doing time for attempted burglary and weapon possession.
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    WIVB: Sex offender returned to face charges (Mar 4 2013)

    Monday night, U.S. Marshals returned [Cara] Dickey to Buffalo to face charges ... Dickey will appear before a parole board and be given the opportunity to explain her actions. It's also likely Buffalo Police will charge her with failure to notify authorities of a change of address, which Dickey is required to do as a registered sex offender.
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    Buffalo News: Cara Dickey heading back to jail for up to 18 months (July 25 2013)

    Cara L. Dickey, the former school teacher who spent almost three years in prison for raping a teenage student, will spend more time behind bars for failing to register as a sex offender. Dickey, 35, was sentenced this morning by State Supreme Court Justice John L. Michalski to up to 12 months in the Erie County Correctional Facility in Alden. But she also will serve, concurrently, an 18-month sentence for violating the terms of her parole.
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    Former Teacher Convicted Of Rape Arrested On Parole Violations

    A former South Buffalo Charter School teacher convicted of raping a student is back in jail for violating her parole. According to The Department of Corrections, 36 year old Cara Dickey was arrested yesterday for having a relationship with another person on parole and not complying with her parole officer. In 2009, Dickey was convicted of raping a 15 year old student. Then in 2013, she cut off her ankle bracelet and ran away from a halfway house. She was found a month later by US Marshalls in Chicago. Dickey is currently being held at the Erie County Holding Center. ...

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