Brian Scott Dean, Pasco, Washington (arrested Feb 2014)

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    Brian Scott Dean, 30, teacher at Kingspoint Christian School, Pasco, Washington, "charges of second degree child molestation"

    NBC Right Now: Former Kingspoint Christian School Teacher Charged With Molestation (Mar 10 2014)

    On February 3rd, an arrest warrant was issued for Brian Scott Dean on charges of second degree child molestation ... NBC Right Now spoke with the principal Monday who says Dean resigned at the end of January just before the charges were filed.

    NBC News: Former Pasco Christian School Teacher Charged With Molestation (Mar 10 2014)

    Brian Scott Dean, Pasco, Washington, Kingspoint Christian School
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    Bellingham Herald: Former Pasco teacher charged with molestation (Mar 11 2014)

    Brian Scott Dean, 30, pleaded innocent to a second-degree molestation charge, court documents said. The charge carries an aggravating circumstance that Dean was in a position of trust during the alleged incident ... Prosecutors say Dean touched the girl inappropriately in January. The girl told her parents the next day that Dean had touched her, court documents said. Dean was arrested shortly after.
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    NBC News: Teacher Charged With Molestation Was Looking After Girl (Mar 11 2014)

    ... around January 23rd Dean was looking after a 13 year-old girl. He allegedly placed a blanket over the two of them and began to touch her inappropriately. The girl immediately told her parents the next day. The current allegation is an aggravating circumstance which means it is believed Dean "used his position of trust, confidence or fiduciary responsibility" to commit the offense he is currently charged with.
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    KEPR TV: Child molestation not first charge levied against Pasco teacher (Mar 12 2014)

    Court documents say 30-year-old Brian Dean has had questionable behavior in the past. KEPR learned that, back in 2002, a group of girls came to Dean's door looking for church donations. Dean was 19 at the time. Court papers say he gave the girls a photo of him touching himself. Charges of indecent exposure were recommended but not filed.
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    KEPR TV: Background check didn't show accused child molester's past sex crime accusation (Mar 13 2014)

    Washington Access to Criminal History is run by the State Patrol. It allows a subscriber access to the criminal record of anyone in the state. ... "Someone can be arrested in the state of Washington, charged with a crime, but it's never prosecuted or they're never convicted of that crime, in that case, it would not show on the website database," Trooper Thorson says. KEPR asked, "If I was arrested for murder, would it show up on a background check on this website?" "Not unless you were arrested within the last year," says Thorson.
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    KULR 8: Parents Upset School Didn't Share Former Teacher's Molestation Charges (Mar 13 2014)

    Kingspoint sent an email Tuesday morning to friends and family of the school referencing our report on Monday. The email was a response to reports that the former teacher, Brian Scott Dean, now faces child molestation charges. It was the first time the school notified people about Dean's charges. Parents are frustrated they didn't know sooner, but the school says the charges are a private matter and do not involve the school or its students. "The integrity and the ethics of the school is completely in question to me. That's why I pulled my son from the school immediately," said Mandi Williams, parent.​