Arrested Teachers in the News 24 Feb 2012 (Friday)

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    Sex abuse, female perps:

    Heather Rich Whitten, teacher at Williams Intermediate School, Pell City, Alabama, rape, sodomy & enticing a child for immoral purposes
    Kathryn Camille Murray, teacher at Memorial Middle School, Houston, Texas, sexual assault of a child
    Sex abuse, male perps:

    Bruce Jacob Kincaide, 25, assistant girls basketball coach at Willis High School, Willis ISD, Willis, Texas, "indicted ... for having improper sexual relationships with three female students"
    DeJean Myrtil, administrator at South Tech Academy, Boynton Beach, Florida, sex with 15-year-old student
    Michael Joseph Morrell, teacher at Sweet Home High School, Sweet Home, Oregon, 3rd-degree sexual abuse of teenager
    Melvin Glass, vocational teacher at Rosa Fort High School, Tunica, Mississippi, fondling student
    Aaron Kirby, teacher at Manchester High School, Manchester, Connecticut, inappropriate conduct with 15-year-old student
    Chadwick Jerry Hamby, principal at Mountain Community School, Hendersonville, North Carolina, requested & received videos of 12-year-old girl's genetalia (this is related to yesterday's arrest of Deborah Lee Tipton)
    Brian Hyde, teacher at Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School, Orange, Texas, sexual assault of a child, improper relationship
    William Crews, 8th-grade social studies teacher at Deane Bozeman School, Panama city, Florida, sex with 14-15 year old boys
    20 years in prison​
    Other sex stuff:

    Non-sex stuff:

    Milo Floro, teacher at Eureka Springs High School, Eureka Springs , Arkansas, felony property theft
    Patricia Jean Coone, teacher at Bowie Middle School, Amarillo, Texas, arrested on drug charges -- delivering ecstacy to undercover agent
    Zachary Schuler, teacher at Archbishop Rummel High School, Metairie, Louisiana, purchasing marijuana from student
    Quincy Benton, substitute teacher at Mayfield Middle School, Oklahoma City, arrested for 2010 bank robbery
    Boi Jones, Booker T. Washington High School, Memphis, tennessee, bigamy
    Study abroad:


    Update: Miramonte Elementary School
    Update: Gabriela Cortez
    Update: Marie Johnson
    Update: Peter Kolesnikov
    Update: Nicole Pinnick
    Update: Christine Powell
    Update: Lauren Redfern
    Update: Deborah Lee Tipton
    Bruce Jacob Kincaide, Willis, Texas, Willis High School, Willis ISD
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    The Friday arrests are now done, just in time for Saturday ...