Arrested Teachers in the News 10 October (Wednesday)

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    Sex abuse, female perps:

    Stacy Manning, Career & Technology Department teacher, Sealy High School [Sealy ISD], Sealy, Texas, "sexual relationship with student"
    Sex abuse, male perps:

    Robert Craig Varnell, teacher at LeTourneau University, Longview, Texas, "charges of sexual assault of a child and indecency with a child"
    Jenner Shaffer, former English teacher at Macks Creek High School [Macks Creek R-V School District], Macks Creek, Missouri, "charges of statutory rape involving a former student "
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    Other sex stuff:

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    Non-sex stuff:

    Kimberly Price, 8th-grade science teacher at James A Shanks Middle School [Gadsden County Schools], Quincy, Florida, "accused of assaulting two of her students by throwing a desk at them"
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    Stacy Manning, Sealy High School, Sealy ISD, Sealy, Texas, Robert Craig Varnell, Longview, LeTourneau University, Jenner Shaffer, Macks Creek, Missouri, Macks Creek High School, Macks Creek R-V School District, Harrell Garrett Thach, Emerald Isle, North Carolina, Michael D. Carattini, Jackson, New Jersey, Walt Vickrey, Atascadero, California, Kimberly Price, Quincy, Florida, James A Shanks Middle School, Gadsden County Schools, Jeremy Forrest, East Sussex, United Kingdom