Armando Briseno-Alonso, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (arrested Feb 2013)

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    Armando Briseno-Alonso, 39, teacher at Rogers Street Academy, Milwaukee Public Schools, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, "charged with multiple criminal charges including repeated sexual assault of a child and child enticement" Armando Briseno-Alonso

    Address as of May 2 2012:

    1651 W Edgerton Ave #W
    Milwaukee, WI 53221

    Fox 6 Now: Teacher charged with sexual assault, enticement of boy (Mar 1 2013)

    The criminal complaint indicates [Armando] Briseno-Alonso had inappropriate contact with a young boy at the school over a period of years — starting in first grade. The complaint says Briseno-Alonso made sexual advances on the boy “more than ten times and always during the after-school program.” The complaint indicates Briseno-Alonso was able to get the boy alone on multiple occasions by telling his class the boy was going to help him with books. The two would then go to another classroom where Briseno-Alonso allegedly locked the door and engaged the boy in inappropriate contact. On Thursday, February 28th, the complaint indicates the boy used his mother’s cell phone to send Briseno-Alonso a text message, warning he would tell his mother about the inappropriate contact. The mother saw the text messages, found out what was happening, and contacted police.

    Armando Briseno-Alonso, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Rogers Street Academy, Milwaukee Public Schools
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    Journal Sentinel: MPS elementary teacher charged with sexually assaulting pupil (Mar 1 2013)

    According to the criminal complaint: The student, now 11, and his parents came to police on Wednesday, after his mother found out about the abuse from texts the boy and the teacher exchanged on her phone. The victim told police he was there "because this teacher was trying to have sex with students like him." During a videotaped interview, the boy said Briseno had been his teacher at Rogers Street Academy, 2430 W. Rogers St., since first grade and started molesting him in third grade, usually in a different teacher's room after regular school hours, but also twice at Briseno's home in the 1600 block of W. Edgerton Ave. during summer visits. The victim told police Briseno would touch the boy's private parts with his hand or mouth, and the last contact occurred last week. When Briseno asked the boy to "help him with the books" again on Wednesday, "he refused and told Mr. Briseno he doesn't want to go in the room anymore. Mr. Briseno told him that he was going to tell (the boy's) mother that he was behaving badly." On Thursday, the boy texted back using his mother's phone and told Briseno not to tell his mother he was behaving badly, or he, the boy, would tell her about Briseno's sexual assaults. "Mr. Briseno sent a text message back saying that he would tell about the pictures, but (the boy) did not understand what that meant," the complaint states.
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    Fox 6 Now: Teacher charged with sexual assault may have fled to Mexico (July 15 2013)

    A bench warrant has been issued for 39-year-old Armando Briseno-Alonso, the teacher from Rogers Street Academy facing sexual assault and child enticement charges, after he failed to appear in court Monday, July 15th. Officials believe Briseno-Alonso has fled to Mexico.