Resigned! Andrew Crider: Online tell-all sexual relationship between ex Granite City (IL) teacher, student

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    Andrew P. Crider

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    Payton Beth Tilson ("PBT") aka Peanut Butter Titties

    Andrew P. Crider, former English & journalism teacher at Granite City High School, Granite City Community Unit School District 9, Granite City, Illinois, inappropriate relationship with senior student

    The online book: Room 270 (be forewarned, it's a long read, 4-5 hours)

    Andrew P. Crider: FaceBook

    Payton Beth Tilson ("PBT") aka Peanut Butter Titties: Facebook

    Their current (as of 9 July 2022) FB pages indicate that they are in relationships with one another, so maybe it had a happy ending?

    Online tell-all details sexual relationship between former Granite City teacher, student

    A Metro East school district is under fire after a former teacher published an online book detailing a relationship he had with a female student. In 2018, teacher Andrew Crider resigned from Granite City High School after it was revealed that he was having a sexual relationship with a then 18-year-old student. Now many in the community are asking if the district is doing enough to protect students after Crider published an online tell all. “It’s pretty gross,” said Granite City parent Stacie Johnson. “I was dumbfounded,” said former Granite City student Devon Austin. “Why would he post this?” That’s ...

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    Granite City teacher resigns after allegations of relationship with student
    Crider submitted his resignation letter on Wednesday.

    22 June 2018

    A Granite City High School teacher turned in his resignation letter amid allegations he had an inappropriate relationship with a student. Superintendent Jim Greenwald said Andrew Crider had an inappropriate romantic relationship with a former student in the spring of this year. Greenwald said while inappropriate, the relationship was consensual. Greenwald found out about the relationship on June 7 and immediately contacted authorities. Crider taught English and journalism at the school and had been there for nearly a decade. Greenwald said the relationship was conducted off school grounds and didn’t disclose the extent of the relationship. The student, who graduated ...
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    Granite City teacher resigns amid allegation of relationship with student

    22 June 2018

    A Granite City High School teacher has resigned amid allegations that he had a relationship with a student, who has since filed for a protective order against him. The Granite City school board accepted the resignation of Andrew Crider at a special meeting Friday night, along with that of another teacher, who Superintendent Jim Greenwald said was not at all connected to the allegations. Crider was an English and journalism teacher, managing approximately 50 students for the online school newspaper, Granite High World. A SIUE grad, he has taught at Granite City High School since 2007. But in early June, ...
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    Granite City teacher resigns, faces restraining order after alleged relationship with student

    23 June 2018

    AGranite City High School teacher resigned following an investigation into an alleged relationship with an 18-year-old female student, according to a published report. Andrew Crider also now faces a protective order from the student. Granite City school district superintendent Jim Greenwald launched the investigation in early June after hearing rumors of the affair, the Belleville News-Democrat reports. Greenwald reached out to Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, the Illinois State Board of Education and Granite City police. Because the student involved is 18 years old, the district could not file a police report. "Certainly not making it an acceptable ...
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    Granite City School District Distances Itself from Student-Teacher Affair Memoir
    The former teacher's 70,000-word self-published book has outraged many in the metro east

    11 July 2022

    The superintendent of Granite City schools responded on Friday to an online memoir written by a former high school teacher detailing an affair he had with one of his students. Andrew Crider, who taught English and journalism, resigned from Granite City High School in 2018 after the administration became aware that he was having an affair with an 18-year-old student. Then-superintendent Jim Greenwald told KSDK at the time that the affair had been consensual and that it happened off school property. Greenwald added that because the student was 18, no criminal charges were filed. The age of consent in Illinois ...
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    I've tried to refrain from commenting much, but one aspect of this that I can't just get over is the public humiliation Andrew Crider is inflicting on his wife and and especially on his children.

    At the time the events unfolded in 2018, his children were ages two, five, seven.

    Four years later that two-year-old is likely in the first grade or soon will be. For the next twelve years that kid's peers and teachers will be reading Room 270, and they're not likely to keep it to themselves, especially not the other kids. That then-two-year-old has been condemned to twelve-years of teasing and humiliation from his/her peers. The then-seven-year-old is luckier: He/she only has to endure seven years of the emotional abuse.

    The internet is forever. Room 270 won't be disappearing anytime soon.