Credentials Resigned/Revoked/Suspended! Amy Renee Schilling, Carrollton, Texas (arrested Jun 2011)

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    Name: Amy Renee Schilling

    Age: 33

    School: R.L. Turner High School, Carrollton, Texas

    Position: Biology teacher

    Victim: Boy, 16

    Details from arrest warrant:

    M. GRIGG 0760, a fellow peace officer of the City of Carrollton, Dallas County, Texas who personally particiapted in the investigation of this alleged offense, providing this information to Affiant, and whose information affiant believes to be credible.​

    On June 7, 2011, Det. Grigg #760 interviewed the victim (deleted) (B/M (deleted) ) who is sixteen years of age in regards to a report of Improper Relationship between Teacher and Student. (deleted) told Det. Grigg that during the past school year, August 2010 - June 2011, he developed a close relationship with his Biology teacher Amy Schilling (W/F (deleted) 1977). (deleted) admitted that he told his mother a fellow student gave him an Apple Iphone and was also paying for the service. Amy gave (deleted) the Iphone and told him the Iphone was a gift for making good grades on his tests. On or about the week of May 23-27, 2011, (deleted) stated he and Amy had sex in her classroom at R.L. Turner High School located at 1600 S. Josey Lane, Carrollton, Dallas County, Texas. School was out for the day and they were alone. (deleted) was sitting on the couch in the classroom watching a movie. Amy was sitting on the couch next to him and she was on her cell phone. (deleted) asked Amy to put her phone down and leaned in kissed her on the mouth. At first, Amy seemed surprised and then she nodded to (deleted) as if to let him know it was ok. (deleted) again kissed Amy and they begain to "make out". (deleted) stated he took his pants and underwear off and Amy took off her clothes. (deleted) put a condom on his penis and Amy got on top of (deleted) and was straddling him. (deleted) put his penis inside Amy's vagina and they had sex. After a few minutes, (deleted) ejaculated into the condom and they got dressed. (deleted) stated they did not talk about what happened afterwards. (deleted) stated he knew he had to keep it a secret but Amy did not say anything to him about telling or not telling. (deleted) knew that if anyone found out, Amy could get into trouble. Amy has been a teacher at R.L. Turner for the past five years.​

    Det. Grigg believes that Amy Schilling committed the offense of Sexual Assault of a Child when she intentionally engaged in sexual intercourse with (deleted) who was a sixteen year old child and not Amy Schilling's spouse.​


    KHOU (25 June 2011): Female teacher from North Texas arrested for sexual assault of student

    My Fox DFW (25 June 2011): Carrollton Police Arrest Teacher for Improper Relationship with Student

    WFAA (25 June 2011): Carrollton teacher arrested for sexual assault of student

    NBC DFW (25 June 2011): Carrollton Teacher Arrested: 33-year-old charged with sexual assault

    Dallas Morning News (27 June 2011): R.L. Turner teacher accused of having sex with 16-year-old in classroom

    My Fox DFW (27 June 2011): Teacher Had Sex With Student in Classroom: Affidavit

    UK Daily Mail (27 June 2011): Biology teacher 'had sex with 16-year-old boy in her classroom'

    Carrollton Leader Star (29 June 2011): R.L. Turner teacher arrested

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    Amy Schilling just seemed to fall off the internet. She isn't on the Texas Sex Offender Registry, Family Watchdog, or the National Sex Offender Public Website, but on March 27th 2015 and according to the TEXAS STATE BOARD FOR EDUCATOR CERTIFICATION MEETING
    7. In the Matter of Amy Renee Schilling, Texas Education Agency, Educator Leadership and Quality Division v. Amy Renee Schilling; Action to be taken: Consideration of Issuance of Default Judgment.
    Staff recommendation: Permanently Revoked,_2015_Meeting_Agenda/
    So she won't be teaching anymore regardless of the outcome.
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    Thanks for the update!
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    Tagged her as "Credentials Revoked!"

    It seems she appeared in a 2015 CNN documentary on predator teachers; however, I can't find it in the CNN Press Room index. These screen snags are from IMDb:


    upload_2019-11-29_15-44-50.png upload_2019-11-29_15-42-25.png upload_2019-11-29_15-43-37.png upload_2019-11-29_15-46-3.png
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    Intelius shows only one Amy Schilling (with middle name of Renee :) ) in Little Elm, Texas, with an age consistent with the arrest info above. It appears that her current or very recent address is 2405 Marble Canyon Dr Little Elm Tx 75068. Her name is also shown as Amy S. Ewbank, Amy R. Ewbank, and Amy S. Ewbank.

    Her other likely recent, perhaps current, address is 975 Highway 133, Carbondale, Colorado.

    From here:


    From here:


    Also reported at the same address is Malachi Robert Ewbank, a 5th grade teacher at Cottonwood Creek Elementary School in Coppell, Texas:


    Some articles mention her "previous marriage".
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