Albuquerque, New Mexico: Teen claims smuggler took her as payment

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    The girl reported the abuse to a teacher after being encouraged by a friend and the teacher notified CYFD, according to court records. A CYFD investigator found a “State of Texas Power of Attorney Over Child” form signed by her father and assigning guardianship to Villanueva.

    Teen claims smuggler took her as payment

    A teenage girl from Honduras told police in June that her father left her with his friend – a human smuggler – as payment for getting the family into the United States before the man brought her to Albuquerque and raped her on a regular basis. Alberto Villanueva, 44, is charged with three counts of criminal sexual penetration and two counts each of child abuse and bribery of a witness in the case. Villanueva was arrested in July and is currently behind bars at the Metropolitan Detention Center. A federal search warrant unsealed this week outlined the FBI’s investigation into ...

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