Adam Blake Bearden, Canton, Georgia (arrested Nov 2012)

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    Creekview High School educators with issues:
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    Adam Blake Bearden (Ball Ground, Georgia), 31, special education teacher and track & field coach at Creekview High School [Cherokee County School District], Canton, Georgia, "four counts of felony sexual assault following an alleged relationship with a 17-year-old student" Adam Blake Bearden

    Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Creekview High teacher charged with sexual assault (Nov 28 2012)

    Adam Blake Bearden, 31, of Ball Ground, turned himself in to detectives following an investigation, according to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office ... Officials with the Cherokee County school system notified the sheriff’s office of the allegations Tuesday, Baker said. Deputies searched Bearden’s home, where they found enough evidence to file charges. Details about specific evidence found was not released.

    Adam Blake Bearden, Canton, Georgia, Ball Ground, Creekview High School, Cherokee County School District
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    Marietta Daily Journal: Creekview teacher charged with having sex with 17-year-old (Nov 28 2012)

    The teacher, 31-year-old Adam Blake Bearden of Ball Ground, has been charged with four counts of sexual assault ... “It is believed the relationship took place off campus over a three-month period,” [Lt. Jay] Baker said in a statement.
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    Cherokee Tribune: Creekview coach charged with assault (Nov 29 2012)

    The school system learned of allegations regarding the relationship over Thanksgiving break, school district spokesperson Barbara Jacoby said ... After an initial inquiry Monday, the school district began an internal investigation Tuesday morning. School district police notified the sheriff’s office of the allegations, and the criminal investigation began later Tuesday. That night, detectives executed a search warrant at Bearden’s home, [Lt. Jay] Baker said.
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    CBS Atlanta: Cherokee County teacher turns in self, charged with sexual assault (Nov 28 2012)

    Authorities said Adam Blake Bearden, 31, was charged with four counts of sexual assault. The Cherokee County School system notified the sheriff's office about the allegations on Tuesday, Nov. 27. Detectives searched Bearden's Ball Ground home on Tuesday. According to reports, the relationship took place off campus over a three-month period.
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    11 Alive: Creekview teacher arrested, charged with sexual assault (Nov 28 2012)

    A teacher at Creekview High School was arrested Wednesday, following an investigation by the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office. He has been charged with four counts of sexual assault. The teacher, Adam Blake Bearden, 31, of Ball Ground turned himself in to authorities Wednesday afternoon ... Bearden is in custody at the Cherokee Adult Detention Center and being held without bond.
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    Canton Georgia Patch: Creekview Teacher Arrested, Charged With Sexual Assault (Nov 28 2012)

    According to a press release from the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office, they were informed Tuesday by the Cherokee County School District of allegations of misconduct by 31-year-old Adam Blake Bearden, a special education teacher at Creekview since 2010. On Tuesday evening, Sheriff's deputies searched Bearden's Ball Ground home. Sheriff's deputies believe the relationship lasted for three months and took place off-campus. The school district said in a press release that after they conducted their own investigation of the initial claims against Bearden, which began Monday, they immediately contacted the Sheriff's Office. The release said that Bearden had been "reassigned to a non-school workplace" before the start of classes Wednesday morning.