Whitney Fair Mullen, Sarah, Mississippi (arrested Nov 2014)

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    Whitney Fair Mullen (Senatobia, Mississippi), asdf, former (left in 2010) teacher at Strayhorm Elementary School, Tate County School District, Sarah, Mississippi, "under arrest for allegedly engaging in sexual activity with a 12-year-old student"

    Former teacher charged with sex crimes against 12-year-old student

    Whitney Fair Mullen, 34, appeared in court Thursday morning in Senatobia, Mississippi on charges of molestation and sexual battery of a child ... Senatobia police said the alleged victim is now 18 and recently came forward, though the accusations date back to 2008. Investigators say they recovered messages sent between the two. According to detectives, the crimes did not take place on school grounds, but instead, at Mullen's home when the victim was supposed to be doing work around the house.






    Whitney Fair Mullen, Senatobia, Mississippi, Strayhorm Elementary School, Tate County School District, Sarah
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    Former school employee arrested

    Chief Holts identified the woman as Whitney Fair Mullen, 34, of Senatobia. Mullen has been charged with one count of molestation and one count of sexual battery, Holts said. According to [Senatobia Police Chief Steve] Holts, the incident occurred at Mullen’s home in 2008, when the victim was 12 years old and a student in Mullen’s class. The victim is now 18 years old.

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    Former School Employee Arrested For Molestation

    A former elementary school employee [Whitney Fair Mullen] has been arrested and charged with molestation and sexual battery involving a student ... The school wasn’t aware of any allegations until she was charged yesterday. Investigators say the incident happened at Mullen’s home in 2008. They say the victim was 12 years old and a student in Mullen’s class. The victim is now 18 years old.

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