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  1. TMP

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    We are back on-line after a 3.5 day break. Just blame it all on Kinsley:

    She must be a very popular gal!

    I originally posted her thread Sunday morning. By the end of Monday it had been viewed about 10,000 times. Tuesday morning the traffic was so heavy that my now-former :D internet provider disabled the account, putting not only this forum but 3 other forums and several WordPress blogs out of action. I was able to get the other sites back up right away but agreed to keep this one down until it was moved.

    We are now running on a what is called a Virtual Private Server (VPS) located in Texas.

    I've had a number of performance and other issues with the former ISP, so the move was really overdue anyway. Thank you, Kinsley Wentzky, for helping to force the issue. :)

    Kinsley Wentzky
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    Glad to have you back up and running!! I was almost lost without you for almost a week!! Your site is great and very informative! As an educator, it is amazing to me the amount of teachers who do such idiotic acts with children. Thank you for keeping us informed!!