Verena Colleen Joy Wilhelmson, Bella Coola, British Columbia, Canada (suspended Apr 2014)

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    Verena Colleen Joy Wilhelmson, teacher at Acwsalcta School, Bella Coosa, British Columbia, Canada, "having sex with a student, crashing her car while drunk, and frequently yelling at a Grade 4 class"

    BC Teacher Suspended For Sex With Student, Other Unprofessional Conduct

    In 2010, Wilhelmson "initiated and engaged in sexual activity" with an 18-year-old male student from another school. The incident happened outdoors at night on public property while she was intoxicated, said facts outlined in the consent resolution agreement signed by the former teacher. A few months later, Wilhelmson drove to a party while impaired and crashed into a parked vehicle. She was fined for the incident.

    She was impaired by alcohol and marijuana, said the document. Wilhelmson "sought out, sexually importuned and touched" the same student from the 2010 affair. "She then subsequently engaged in sexual activity with another man in a bedroom," while the door was open.

    The former sexual education teacher allegedly sent the boy photos of ...

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    Verena Colleen Joy Wilhelmson, Acwsalcta School, Bella Coosa, British Columbia, Canada
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