Tyson Gregory Swan, Houston, Texas (arrested Nov 2011) [internet sex sting]

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    Name: Tyson Gregory Swan, Champion Forest, Texas

    Age: 32

    School: Banff School, 13726 Cutten Road, Houston, Texas

    Position: School employee, specific position not specified

    ABC Local (16 Nov 2011): School employee charged in online sex sting

    Click 2 Houston (16 Nov 2011): Harris County man accused of exposing himself online: Tyson Gregory Swan was chatting online with undercover officer

    Your Houston News (16 Nov 2011): Sugar Land teacher arrested in online sex sting

    Harmless? It's 2011, Irmgard. Welcome to the new reality.

    It appears that a relative (likely mother) of Tyson Gregory Swan by the name of Heidi Swan is the school's "Directory of Instruction":

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    Cypress Creek Mirror (17 Nov 2011): Grand Jury indicts school worker who reportedly engaged in sex chats with Sugar Land cop

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    Someone whined that the "links don't work", which is not surprising after almost 7 years. However, we don't remove posts due to broken links. Also got these snags out of Google Cache just now:


    An online police sting led to the arrest of a private school employee accused of exposing himself to who he thought was a teenage girl. Though the 32-year-old man has been placed on leave from his job at the Banff school in northwest Harris County, officials call his actions "harmless." Police say the suspect works as an office manager here at the Banff school. Parents tell us they were only alerted about this on Wednesday even though he was arrested in September. Tyson Swan, 32, was just indicted this week by a Fort Bend County Grand Jury on a charge ...