Tracy Lee Nishimura, British Columbia, Canada (reprimanded May 2012) [failure to report]

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    Tracy Lee Nishimura (school & city not specified), British Columbia, Canada, failed to intervene to prevent student abuse, failed to report incident, failed to report injury for first aid

    British Columbia Ministry of Education, Teacher Regulation Branch:

    Tracy Lee Nishimura admitted to professional misconduct and agreed that her conduct was contrary to Standard 1. A district investigation indicated that in May 2011, while Ms. Nishimura was employed as a teacher on call for a grade 7 class, an incident occurred between two students in her class. Student A had put his head down on his desk, supported by his arms, as though sleeping. Student B pushed on the back of Student A's head a number of times. This action caused Student A's nose to hit the desk and to bleed. Ms. Nishimura was in the classroom at the time but did not witness the entire incident. She did not intervene in the part of the incident she did observe. Shortly after this incident took place, the school's vice principal came by the classroom to check on how things were going. Ms. Nishimura did not report the incident to the vice principal, nor did she report Student A's injury to first aid. On May 30, 2012, the Commissioner executed the Consent Resolution Agreement in which Ms. Nishimura agreed to receive a reprimand pursuant to section 64(a) of the Teachers Act.

    Tracy Lee Nishimura, British Columbia, Canada