Tennessee: Fired teacher’s case against MCPS heard in federal court

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    Fired "on the grounds of insubordination, unprofessional conduct, inefficiency and neglect of duty"? Or because of her race?

    Fired teacher’s case against MCPS heard in federal court

    Former Maury County Commissioner Patricia Hawkins appeared in federal court on Monday in a continuation of her case against Maury County Public Schools, which she says unjustly fired her from a position as a guidance counselor in the district at least partially based on her race. Hawkins, a black woman, was appointed to represent District 4 on the Maury County Commission and then lost the position in the following election held in August 2018, first argued the case for her job before an impartial hearing officer in 2016. The review process, made available to any school employee who feels they ...

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