Steven Schrader, Meyersdale, Pennsylvania (arrested Nov 2011)

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    Meyersdale, Pennsylvania, teacher sex cases:​
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    Name: Steven Schrader, Meyersdale, Pennsylvania

    Age: 27

    School: Meyersdale Area High School, Meyersdale, Pennsylvania

    Position: Substitute teacher, assistant football and wrestling coach

    Victim: Girl, 16

    WXPI (9 Nov 2011): Police: Somerset Co. Teacher Sexually Assaulted 16-Year-Old

    WJAC TV (9 Nov 2011): Another Meyersdale teacher facing sex charges

    Tribune Democrat (9 Nov 2011): Meyersdale H.S. coach arraigned on juvenile sex-related charges

    MSNBC (9 Nov 2011): High School Teacher Accused of Sex with Girl

    WTAE (9 Nov 2011): High School Teacher Accused Of Sex With Girl

    Daily American (9 Nov 2011): Second Meyersdale teacher charged with having sex with a student

    Tribune Democrat (9 Nov 2011): Cops: Substitute accused of sex offenses must stay off school property

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    the third teacher has been "identifed" however, she resigned, and after that the school district backpeddled a bit, and said they did not know why she resigned. No charges have been filled that i know of, and its been almost two months.
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    Thanks for the update.