Shawn William Salevsky, Nazareth, Pennsylvania (arrested May 2013)

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    Shawn William Salevsky (15xx Kennington Lane, Lower Macungie Township, Pennsylvania), 39, teacher at Nazareth Area Middle School, Nazareth Area School District, Nazareth, Pennsylvania, "charges that he sexually assaulted a boy student at the school over a two-year period"

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    The Morning Call: Police: Nazareth middle school drama teacher sexually assaulted boy student (May 3 2013)

    Shawn William Salevsky, 39, of the 1500 block of Kennington Lane in Lower Macungie Township, is charged with 22 offenses that include involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and indecent assault with a victim under age 16, sexual assault, corruption of minors and reckless endangerment. He is in Northampton County Prison under $75,000 bail.


    According to court records:

    Authorities found out about the alleged incidents when the boy talked to another student on the bus and that student reported it to the school administration. The boy told police that Salevsky would sometimes call him to the classroom during the day or would ask him to stay after school to help with upcoming drama productions. The boy told police that Salevsky had touched him inappropriately, including on his thigh and groin.

    The boy was interviewed by police and a Northampton County assistant district attorney on two dates in April. He told authorities the touching started with Salevsky rubbing his back, chest, stomach, thigh and penis. He said the incidents had happened at the middle school while they were preparing for a production. On at least one occasion, Salevsky pulled the boy's head down and the boy's lips touched Salevsky's penis, the court papers say. Once while in the theater or drama room, police said the boy told them that Salevsky "dropped his pants to thigh level and then attempted to remove the victim's pants and then lay on top of the victim."

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    Nazareth Patch: Teacher Charged with Sexually Assaulting Boy, Police Say (May 3 2013)

    Shawn William Salevsky, 39, of Kennington Lane in Lower Macungie Township, faces multiple counts for sexually assaulting a boy, authorities said ... A press release from Nazareth Area School District Superintendent Dennis Riker Friday afternoon stated that "several allegations of questionable behavior" were reported to the middle school administration during the week of March 11 ... On April 28, the superintendent recommended to the school board that Salevsky be terminated based on allegations. The recommendation was unanimously approved.
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    LeHigh Valley Live: Nazareth Area Middle School drama teacher charged with sexually assaulting student - UPDATE (Mar 3 2013)

    [Shawn William] Salevsky was removed from the middle school March 8 and fired earlier this week, Nazareth Area schools Superintendent Dennis Riker said today in a statement. The accuser discussed the matter with a friend on the school bus in mid-March, police said. On April 1 and April 13, the boy was interviewed by Northampton County Assistant District Attorney Pat Broscius and described other incidents that happened between January 2011 and March 15. The boy told police in an interview that Salevsky would rub his back, chest, stomach, thighs and then, gradually, more inappropriate areas. Salevsky and the student would be alone during after-school activities in the middle school, the documents state. The alleged assaults occurred on two different occasions: once in the auditorium and once in the drama room, court records say. The student told police Salevsky forced him to perform a sex act on Salevsky, police said.
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    The Morning Call: Nazareth teacher accused of molesting boy student; 'Who checked this guy out?' board member asks (May 4 2013)

    Among the allegations in court papers, police said that during a school production of "Snoopy," Salevsky followed the boy into the bathroom during a wardrobe change and touched the boy's penis before the boy ran and shut himself in a stall. On a bus trip to see a play in New York, Salevsky "did open his pants and attempt to lay on top of the victim," according to court papers


    A Nazareth school board member who complained two years ago when Salevsky had students sing songs with sexual innuendoes said Friday he is sickened by the allegations against Salevsky. "I'm about as disgusted as any human can be," said Chris M. Miller, the board member. "Now I'm kicking myself, saying I should have persevered and forced the situation to get him out of here." Middle school students in "13," a musical prepared by Salevsky, gave other students a controversial preview of their play Nov. 9, 2011. After complaints, the innuendoes were removed and the play went on for the public. Salevsky got "a slap on the wrist," Miller said. Miller said he wanted Salevsky fired then, but administrators and other school board members ignored him.

    & there's more -- please read the whole article, I can't quote it all!
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    NBC Philadelphia: Drama Teacher Accused of Molesting Student (May 4 2013)

    On one occasion in the middle school drama room, [Shawn William] Salevsky pulled the boy's head down so it touched his genitals. On other occasions, Salevsky pulled the boy's head toward his groin. In the drama room, Salevsky at least once "dropped his pants to thigh level and then attempted to remove the victim's pants and then lay on top of the victim."