Salvatore Lorenzo Degraffenreidt, Grantsville, Utah (arrested Oct 2013)

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    Salvatore Lorenzo Degraffenreidt, 30, choir teacher at Grantsville High School, Tooele County School District, Grantsville, Utah, "charged with misdemeanor lewdness"

    Formerly taught at:
    Salt Lake Tribune: Grantsville High teacher faces lewdness charge (Oct 29 2013)

    A Grantsville High School teacher is accused of masturbating in front of a child in the steam room at a Murray gym. In charges filed earlier this month, police wrote that Salvatore Degraffenreidt and another man went into the steam room Aug. 13 at 5445 S. 900 East, which is the Sports Mall in Murray. A 12-year-old was using the steam room at the time, police wrote. The boy reported that Degraffenreidt, 30, and another man, 47, sat naked next to each other in the steam room and masturbated. Both men were charged with misdemeanor lewdness.

    Salvatore Lorenzo Degraffenreidt, Grantsville, Utah, Grantsville High School, Tooele County School District
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    KUTV: Grantsville Teacher Facing Lewdness Charges (Oct 29 2013)

    Murray police say 30-year-old Salvatore Lorenzo Degraffenreidt was in the steam room at a gym, when he and another man performed a lewd act on themselves. A 12-year-old in the steam room saw what was going on and told police.