Russell Glanton, Albuquerque, New Mexico (arrested Jan 2014)

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    Russell Glanton, 48, coach at ABQ Tumbling and Trampoline, Albuquerque, New Mexico, "accused of inappropriately touching several of his young gymnastics students"

    KOB: Gymnastics coach charged with inappropriately touching students (Jan 30 2014)

    48-year-old Russell Glanton is accused of inappropriately touching several of his young gymnastics students, but he claims he was just training the child who made the accusations ... A criminal complaint says on January 18, one of his young students told family members he put his fingers under her clothes during class. Police talked to her two days ago, and she told them she felt violated, naming five other girls she believed went through the same thing. A judge said Glanton may not return to the gym until the case is closed and set his bond at $10,000 cash only ... Glanton told police his hands may have gone under the child’s clothes, but claims it wasn’t sexual and that he was just spotting the student.

    Russell Glanton, Albuquerque, New Mexico, ABQ Tumbling and Trampoline
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    KOAT: Tumbling coach charged after girl's complaint: Man faces criminal sexual contact of a minor charge (Jan 31 2014)

    Police said a girl told them Glanton touched her inappropriately during stretches several times and she didn't approach authorities sooner because she didn't want to get in trouble. She also said five others were touched in the same way by Glanton, according to the criminal complaint. Glanton told authorities that he was just "spotting" the girl, and it was a normal, non-sexual part of the sport.
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    KOAT: Ex-pupil defends arrested tumbling coach: Tumbling teacher Russel Glanton faces charge (Feb 2 2014)

    Gymnast Lena Montoya was shocked when she heard a tumbling coach she credits with helping her achieve her goals, wound up in jail accused of sexually touching a young student at ABQ Tumbling and Trampoline. "I think he has been a fantastic coach. He has not given me a weird vibe at all," Lena Montoya said. Montoya said Russel Glanton coached her in 2012 and 2013. "When you are flipping through the air his hands might accidentally, but it's not intentional. It was because he was doing it to keep you from hurting yourself," says Montoya.
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    Cibola Beacon: Grants Girl Speaks Out on Sexual Assault Allegations (Feb 4 2014)

    Last week, Trysta Peña was watching the news and noticed that Russell Glanton, 48, also known as “Rusty,” was being charged for sexual assault on a minor. Peña turned to her grandparents and said, “It happened to me too.” Peña is a 10-year-old who resides with her grandparents in Grants. Since April last year she has traveled back and forth to Albuquerque, three times a week, for gymnastic training with Glanton at A-B-Q Tumbling and Trampoline. According to Peña, Glanton has abused her by touching her inappropriately, under her clothing, every week since April of last year.