Royal Lihzis, Greeley, Colorado (arrested Apr 2012)

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    Greeley, Colorado, educators with issues:

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    Name: Royal Lihzis, Johnston, Colorado

    Age: 47 (born Mar 5 1965)

    School: Goal Academy (on-line school), Greeley, Colorado

    Position: "Academic coach/paraprofessional at the Goal Academy Greeley Drop-In Center"

    Victims: Several female students in the Goal Academy program


    Arrest info (Apr 23 2012):

    LIHZIS, ROYAL arrested:04/23/12 at 12:00​
    Booking Number: 3793​

    DOB: 03/05/65​
    Gender: Male​

    Arrested for: 3799-OBSCENITY FREE TEXT /​
    Bail: $0.00​

    Arrested for: 3601-FORCIBLE FONDLING /​
    Bail: $0.00​

    Greeley Tribune: Ex-teacher faces felony sex charge (Apr 30 2012)

    A Johnstown man who taught at the Goal Academy online school in Greeley is facing a felony for sexually exploitative materials found on his school-issued computer after officials learned of "inappropriate" contact with students. Royal Lihzis, 47, was released from Weld County Jail on Monday after posting a $10,000 bond. He has been charged with one count of sexual exploitation of a child/possession of material, punishable by up to 18 months in prison. Officials at the Goal Academy, which in Greeley is housed at the Greeley Mall, called police in February after conducting their own investigation into Lihzis and some inappropriate contact he had had with several female students. School officials learned on Feb. 1 that he had been having "inappropriate conversations" with several female students in the program, and they fired him the next day. Greeley police learned that Lihzis had been using a video chat program called Skype on his work-issued computer to talk with female students. Four girls told police the conversations would always start about school, but they would eventually become sexual in nature, according to an arrest affidavit. Girls told police that Lihzis would compliment them on their looks and make sexual references. One girl said he even came to her home alone once ... [Read the rest at the Greeley Tribune -- I can't quote it all, and there aren't many alternative sources for this story.]

    The Johnstown Breeze: Johnstown man arrested for sexual exploitation (May 2 2012)

    Greeley Police arrested Royal Lihzis of Johnstown last week and charged him with sexual exploitation of a child and possession of material. According to Weld County Sheriff’s Department records, Lihzis was arrested April 23 for obscenity and forcible fondling. Lihzis, 47, has an appearance set for Monday at Weld County Court in Greeley.
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    Greeley Tribune: Former Northridge teacher charged with sex assault against her student (Aug 8 2012)

    Another teacher, Royal Lihzis, 47, of Johnstown, who was an online teacher with Goal Academy in Greeley, has been charged with one count of sexual exploitation of a child/possession of material, after officials at the academy accused him last spring of having inappropriate conversations with female students ... According to police affidavits, Lihzis admitted to an addiction to masturbation, and he “would attempt to contact females through the chat groups for the interaction that occurred between the females.” He was fired immediately upon officials learning of the accusations, according to a police affidavit. Lihzis told police that if he made a promising “connection,” he’d get the girls’ cellphone numbers, and he would get them to send him nude photos. The affidavit did not state whether he had received nude photos from his students. He’s due back in court Sept. 5 for a potential plea bargain.