Guilty! Richard Rudman, Akron, Ohio (arrested July 2013)

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    Richard Rudman, 42, teacher at St. Mary's Elementary School, St. Bernard Catholic Church, Roman Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, Akron, Ohio, "possession of nude photos of a 12-year-old student and child pornography"

    Very detailed article, lots of additional information:

    Akron Beacon-Journal: Akron family questions quiet handling of case against schoolteacher convicted of sex offenses (Mar 18 2014)

    Richard Rudman ... was a sixth-grade teacher at St. Mary’s elementary school. He’s now a convicted sex offender after pleading guilty this month to child-pornography charges. An Akron police investigation found that he befriended the 12-year-old girl who he once taught and eventually coerced her into sending him several nude photographs of herself. A subsequent search of Rudman’s home computer uncovered hundreds of other photos of unidentified children pictured in various stages of nudity.

    [Hush, hush:]

    Akron police and Summit County prosecutors, who routinely publicize far less notorious crimes, never notified the media nor the public. Instead, Rudman, 42, quietly was sentenced by Common Pleas Judge Lynne Callahan on March 5 to four years and 11 months in prison. Because the sentence is less than five years, he can seek early release from prison within six months.

    [The arrest:]

    The criminal investigation began July 23, when the girl’s mother learned about the child’s online relationship with Rudman that included adult-themed conversations and the girl sending nude photos of her chest and genitals to her teacher at his request. For months, the girl’s grades were slipping and she appeared withdrawn, the family said. “She wasn’t the same,” her mother said. The girl told a police detective that she and Rudman talked privately on Facebook almost on a daily basis for several months. She said that during their exchanges online, Rudman began acting “weird” and, according to her statement to police, he asked her to send him photos. Rudman was arrested July 31 and was questioned by police Detective Jerry Gachett.

    Richard Rudman, Akron, Ohio, St. Mary's Elementary School, St. Bernard Catholic Church, Roman Catholic Diocese of Cleveland
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    News Net 5: Police: Akron teacher Richard Rudman played 'truth or dare' with 12-year-old to get her nude photos (Mar 18 2014)

    An Akron Catholic school teacher was sentenced to 59 months in prison March 5 for the possession of nude photos of a 12-year-old student and child pornography. The 43-year-old St. Mary's teacher was reported to police in July 2013 after the victim’s mother found inappropriate conversations between her child and the teacher on social media websites.


    The 12-year-old was using Facebook under a fake name and account. She also admitted that she and Rudman would have private conversations daily, starting in January 2013. The teacher then requested "private area" photos from the minor during a game of "truth or dare." The female responded with several photos of herself. Rudman was arrested July 31, 2013 by the Akron Police Department.