Richard Glasgow Haywood, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (arrested Sep 2011) [assault]

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    Name: Richard Glasgow Haywood

    Age: 61

    School: McKinley High School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    Position: Social studies teacher

    Victim: Boy, 15

    NBC 33 TV (22 Sept 2011): High school teacher arrested for punching student in the face

    WAFB (22 Sept 2011): Teacher accused of punching student in the face

    Fox News (22 Sept 2011): 61-Year-Old Teacher Arrested After Punching 15-Year-Old Student

    WBRZ (22 Sept 2011): Parent: Teacher punched my son

    Fox 44 (28 Sept 2011): Students rally to support teacher who punched a student

    WBRZ (28 Sept 2011): Students rally behind embattled teacher

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