Phoenix Jones, Seattle, Washington (arrested Oct 2011) [superhero]

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    Arrested, but no charges were filed!

    jones phoenix fb 1.jpg jones phoenix.jpg jones phoenix 2.jpg

    Name: Phoenix Jones, Seattle, Washington (real name: Benjamin John Francis Fodor)

    Age: 23

    Employer: State of Washington, Department of Social and Health Services (contract employee via unspecified placement firm)

    Position: Teacher of autistic children by day, superhero by night

    Wikipedia: Phoenix Jones

    Facebook: Guardian of Seattle

    Seattle Post Intelligencer (10 Jan 2011): Seattle's 'superhero' has nose broken in confrontation: Police say he and others should trade capes for cell phones

    Seattle Post Intelligencer (1 June 2011): Police alerted to 'superheroes' patrolling Seattle

    Seattle Police Department Press Release (9 Oct 2011):

    ABC News (undated): Citizen Superhero 'Phoenix Jones' Arrested in Seattle

    Seattle Post Intelligencer (10 Oct 2011): Seattle police arrest 'superhero' Phoenix Jones in assault investigation

    Seattle Times (10 Oct 2011): Seattle's 'superhero' Phoenix Jones bound for court

    Q13 Fox (10 Oct 2011): Masked crime fighter 'Phoenix Jones' arrested, identity revealed: Phoenix Jones, aka Benjamin Fodor, says video proves he is innocent

    L.A. Times (10 Oct 2011): Seattle 'superhero' crime-fighter arrested on assault charges [Updated]

    Wall Street Journal (11 Oct 2011): Phoenix Jones, Seattle’s ‘Real-Life Superhero,’ in a Little Hot Water

    UK Daily Mail (11 Oct 2011): Seattle 'superhero' Phoenix Jones arrested over 'pepper-spray assault' on woman

    The Daily Mail article is a good wrapup of the Phoenix Jones story up to that point.

    UK Guardian (11 Oct 2011): Seattle 'superhero' Phoenix Jones arrested over pepper-spray allegations: Costumed vigilante crime-fighter held by police after allegedly trying to break up a fight with pepper spray

    NPR (11 Oct 2011): Seattle Superhero Phoenix Jones Arrested, Accused Of Assault

    Seattle Post Intelligencer (13 Oct 2011): Prosecutors decide not to charge Phoenix Jones

    NY Daily News (13 Oct 2011): Phoenix Jones, Seattle 'super hero,' reveals true identity, Ben Fodor, at court hearing after bust

    CBS News (14 Oct 2011): Seattle "superhero" Phoenix Jones unmasks himself in court as Ben Fodor

    Washington Post (14 Oct 2011): Phoenix Jones, real-life Seattle superhero, unmasked in court

    UK Daily Mail (14 Oct 2011): Unmasked: Seattle 'superhero' Phoenix Jones dramatically reveals his identity at court hearing over 'pepper-spray assault'

    UK Metro (14 Oct 2011): 'Superhero of Seattle' Phoenix Jones unmasked as Ben Fodor in court

    Sydney Morning Herald (14 Oct 2011): His name's Ben, but he calls himself Phoenix Jones: Seattle's self-proclaimed superhero has his day in court

    Seattle Post Intelligencer (16 Oct 2011): Phoenix Jones back on patrol

    The Examiner (16 Oct 2011): The unmasking of Seattle superhero Phoenix Jones

    USA Today (undated): Self-styled Seattle superhero back on patrol after arrest

    KING 5 (26 Oct 2011): Seattle band records 'Phoenix Jones' the song

    Washington Post (3 Nov 2011): Phoenix Jones, real-life Seattle superhero, loses state job

    CBS News (3 Nov 2011): Seattle "superhero" Phoenix Jones loses state job after arrest

    NY Daily News (4 Nov 2011): Phoenix Jones, costumed super hero arrested in Seattle last month, loses civilian job: Vigilante forced to unmask at court, says state has barred him from working with autistic kids

    CBS Local Seattle (4 Nov 2011): Seattle Superhero Phoenix Jones Fired From Day Job

    Seattle Post Intelligencer (5 Nov 2011): 'Superhero' Phoenix Jones wants his job back

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    Phoenix Jones Stops Assault:

    I believe this was the video released by his supporters after his arrest.​
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  5. I think he's a neat guy. They should give him a break. Sorry those people got peppered sprayed, but they'll be okay. I don't know how I would feel if it was me, but I'd heal and be pretty amazed at the bizarre situation.
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    Thanks for interjecting this. I'd forgotten about this guy. Certainly not everybody covered in this site has to be naughty or "bad". :)