Philip Day: Paedo vigilante torched school because he claimed it was ‘playground for paedophiles’

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    Paedo vigilante burned down school because he claimed it was a ‘playground for paedophiles’

    A paedo vigilante burned down a school and called it a "playground for paedophiles" after becoming obsessed with the idea of sexual abuse being protected. Philip Day, 55, posted "wild accusations" on Facebook before torching the secondary school in a £2.4million arson attack in Northwich, Cheshire. A court heard that Day, of Runcorn, became obsessed that a pupil at the University of Chester Academy at Northwich (UCAN) school had been sexually abused by one of the teachers. No evidence was ever found to back up his claims. Yesterday Day pleaded not guilty but was convicted of counts of stalking a ...

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