Patrick J. Lott, Somerville, New Jersey (arrested Dec 2011) [hid camera in boys' shower room]

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    Name: Patrick J. Lott, Somerville, New Jersey

    Age: 54

    School: Immaculata High School, Somerville, New Jersey

    Position: Volunteer (regular job is Assistant Principal at Bernardsville Middle School, Bernardsville, New Jersey; former assistant principal at Bernards High School, Bernardsville, New Jersey; former teacher and wrestling & basketball coach at Montgomery High School, Skillman, New Jersey)

    Fox News (28 Dec 2011): New Jersey Asst. Principal Arrested for Allegedly Videotaping Boys Showering

    CBS News (28 Dec 2011): NJ educator allegedly taped boys in shower

    Washington Post (28 Dec 2011): Authorities: Educator videotaped boys in showers at NJ Catholic high school for 3 years

    CBS Local New York (28 Dec 2011): Asst. Principal Patrick Lott Arrested For Secretly Videotaping Boys In H.S. Shower

    Yahoo News (28 Dec 2011): Police: NJ educator videotaped boys in shower

    Huffington Post (28 Dec 2011): Patrick Lott, Middle School Principal, Arrested For Allegedly Recording Boys Showering

    Gothamist (28 Dec 2011): NJ Man Allegedly Volunteered At Catholic School To Videotape Boys Showering

    My Central Jersey (28 Dec 2011): Patrick Lott's career as educator, public servant rocked by charges

    Warren Patch (28 Dec 2011): Somerville Man Arrested for Having Videos of Nude Boys

    New Jersey Hills (28 Dec 2011): No hidden cameras found in search of Bernardsville schools

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    ABC Local WABC (29 Dec 2011): Vice principal in NJ allegedly put camera in showers

    NBC News New York (29 Dec 2011): NJ Educator Accused of Taping Boys in Catholic School Shower

    NBC Philadelphia (29 Dec 2011): Man Videotaped NJ Students in Showers: Officials (29 Dec 2011): Attorney: N.J. vice principal accused of videotaping boys in shower is struggling to raise bail money

    UPI (29 Dec 2011): Educator charged with filming nude boys

    CBS News (29 Dec 2011): Police: NJ asst. principal videotaped boys in shower at Catholic school

    UK Daily Mail (29 Dec 2011): Assistant principal arrested for 'secretly videotaping school boys showering'

    Somerville Today (29 Dec 2011): Patrick Lott arrested for videotaping boys in school shower

    International Business Times (29 Dec 2011): Patrick Lott Accused of Taping Nude Boys Showering

    New Jersey News Room (29 Dec 2011): N.J. educator Patrick Lott, charged with videotaping nude students, says he wanted to be a role model

    Post Chronicle (29 Dec 2011): Assistant Principal (PIC) Videotaping Boys In Shower: New Jersey Police Find Camera

    The Inquisitr (29 Dec 2011): New Jersey Middle School Teacher Arrested for Filming Boys in the Shower

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    TMP Himself (30 Dec 2011): N.J. educator's alleged teen shower recordings are latest black eye for Somerville parochial school (31 Dec 2011): Di Ionno: Monsignor says Immaculata community won't 'run and hide' from sex crime allegations

    My Central Jersey (31 Dec 2011): Somerville man charged with videotaping boys at Immaculata HS had 'mandatory showers' policy as coach, former players say

    Asbury Park Press (2 Jan 2012): Immaculata pastor: No evidence coach molested teen boys

    Sunday by Msgr. Seamus F. Brennan, pastor of the Church of the Immaculate Conception, courtesy My Central New Jersey (2 Jan 2012): Immaculata pastor on Patrick Lott scandal: 'We own this and we will deal with it':

    Office from the moment we received the initial complaint. There has been some misunderstanding, as people have again misunderstood what some of the papers have said. The fact of the matter is it is about three weeks ago when we first got any inclination that there might be something wrong, and things move slowly as the prosecutor tried to find out what was happening. But we did not delay. We immediately turned this over to the prosecutor. We will continue to work closely with the Prosecutor’s Office to try to determine the truth and, above all, see that the issue is addressed and that justice, of course, is done.​

    Our first concern in all of this, obviously, is going to be the families affected, the children affected and their families. That is always our first concern. I do want you today, however, to continue to pray. I want you to pray for everybody involved. Pray for the families who are most directly affected. I want you to pray for all the students of Immaculata, pray for the faculty, the staff, the coaches, and indeed the alumni, all of whom feel the impact of this incident very deeply, and certainly they feel the weight of the rather incessant, and I think sometimes incendiary, kind of negative press coverage that this kind of an event gets. So I ask you to pray for everybody, including the Lott family. Please continue to include all of the above in your prayers as we try to address this issue going forward.​

    I want also to assure you that we are not alone in all of this. I've been working closely with the Prosecutor's Office. We do have the support of the Diocese [of Metuchen]. Bishop [Paul Gregory] Bootkoski made sure he took the time to call me to express his sadness at hearing of these allegations. He expressed also, I might add, that he was very proud of the wonderful accomplishments of Immaculata High School. He offered his prayers and his support and of offered the support of all the diocesan offices as we work together to seek to address the lessons learned and how we might address this and prevent any problems in the future.​

    Fourth, I want to assure you that the Immaculata High School administrators and the Advisory Council will take the time — we will make time to review what has happened, to review our policies, our procedures, and take every measure possible to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children.​

    We are not running, not hiding from this event. We do acknowledge it. We acknowledge that we own it. We will deal with it.​

    I think [what] we are reminded in all of this is the need for vigilance, I suppose most of all, and for reminding us of our human frailty, our human nature, of our need for God and need for God’s grace and need for his forgiveness and need for the strength of the Holy Spirit. I ask you to pray for all of us going forward at the beginning of this new year. I ask that as we begin this new year that you pray especially to Mary, the mother of God, and ask for her special intercession and guidance in all of these events. This is indeed a special feast for our parish. It’s under her title of the Immaculate Conception that she is patron of our parish and indeed both of our schools.​

    Finally, I want to assure you this parish is an extraordinary parish that has given an extraordinary gift to this community. From 1957 to ’73 the people of this parish made huge sacrifices to build two schools and this church, in which we are seated today. That demanded great dedication and great commitment and sacrifice from the people of this community. That sacrifice will continue. The people still love our schools and our mission has not changed. Our mission to provide Catholic education is needed, I think, more today than ever. We will continue to do everything to provide that quality education to young men and woman here in our area.​

    And so in conclusion please continue to offer your prayers and your support in every way you can. All of us are feeling hurt at this time, but with our prayers and with effort of our administrators, our Advisory Council, the diocese, we pray that we will find a speedy and a just resolution to this incident, and that we will go forward as strong as ever to fulfill our great mission of providing Catholic education.​

    I will of course try to keep you informed going forward. I remind you that this is not concluded, not even the investigation that continues. So I do need your patience and need your understanding. I need you not to jump to any conclusions, based particularly on things you might read in the press. We will try to keep you informed of what we are doing and what steps we'll be taking.​
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    TMP Himself (3 Jan 2012): No request to lower $500K bail for N.J. vice principal accused of videotaping boys in shower

    My Central Jersey (3 Jan 2012): Communities react to charges against educator as protests hit school: Parents display mixed emotions from their cars

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    My Central Jersey (5 Jan 2012): Patrick Lott case: Montgomery, Somerset Hills school districts email parents about Immaculata videotaping charges

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    My Central New Jersey (10 Jan 2012): Somerset Hills School District places embattled assistant principal on unpaid leave

    Baskinridge Patch (11 Jan 2012): So Far, No Somerset Hills Complaints Against Lott