Patricia Castellitto, Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania (arrested Sept 2014) [DUI "driving rampage"]

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    Patricia Castellitto, 48, teacher's aide at Perry Elementary School, Hamburg Area School District, Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania, "left a trail of destruction ... arrested ... on suspicion of DUI"

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    New details emerge about teacher's aide accused of driving rampage

    Heidi Gilbert says she feared for the safety of the children after Patricia Castellitto allegedly went on a driving rampage ... Castellitto was reporting for work Monday morning around 9:20 when police say she had a tough time getting out of the parking lot. She allegedly hit a backhoe, twice, along with two curbs, drove up onto newly planted grass and finally made her way onto 4th Street. But, it did not end there. Police say she made a left onto Pine Street where she stopped the vehicle, backed over a curb and up onto someone's front lawn. They say she then continued driving and made a left onto 5th Street where she hit a parked car before coming to a rest. "I guess when she stopped right there, somebody said she fell asleep in the car. So the workers came over and checked on her and shut the car off," said Gilbert.


    In August, Castellitto was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct, something the superintendent of the Hamburg Area School District admits to being aware of.

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    Patricia Castellitto, Perry Elementary School, Hamburg Area School District, Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania., Tilden Elementary Center, Hamburg, Pennsylvania
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    Teacher's aide arrested near school on suspicious of DUI

    Police say Patricia Castellitto pulled out of a parking spot at Perry Elementary in Shoemakersville this morning... and crashed into a backhoe twice. They say she then hit several curbs... drove into someone's front lawn... and struck a parked car. Police say witnesses were eventually able to approach her car... and remove the keys. Castellitto was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and related offenses.
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