Guilty! Pamela Ann Fahy, La Crescent, Minnesota (arrested Sept 2013)

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    Pamela Ann Fahy (Hokah, Minnesota), 42, paraprofessional at La Crescent High School, La Crescent-Hokah Public Schools, La Crescent, Minnesota, "charge of first-degree criminal sexual conduct"

    Winona Post: Woman in custody for allegedly having sex with a minor (Sept 4 2013)

    Officers were called to a home on Cedar Ridge Drive near the Pickwick area after a father called in reporting that Pamela Ann Fahy, 42, Hokah, was seen exiting his 13-year-old son’s room half-naked. Fahy was taken into custody on Sunday, September 1, after officers collected enough information to make an arrest.

    Pamela Ann Fahy, La Crescent, Minnesota, La Crescent High School, La Crescent-Hokah Public Schools
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    Star Tribune: Minnesota woman, 43, charged with criminal sexual conduct involving 13-year-old boy (Sept 4 2013)

    A 43-year-old Hokah woman is charged with sexual conduct involving a 13-year-old boy. Prosecutors charged Pamela Ann Fahy on Tuesday with third-degree criminal sexual conduct ... Two children were removed from her foster home ... Fahy also is a licensed child foster care provider in Minnesota.

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    UK Daily Mail: Woman, 43, NAKED from the waist down busted fleeing bedroom of her 13-year-old's lover by boy's dad (Sept 4 2013)

    The criminal complaint states the teen's father called authorities after he came home early Sunday and encountered his middle-aged girlfriend [Pamela Ann Fahy] running from the 13-year-old's bedroom nude from the waist down. When pressed, the boy told his father that he and Fahy had been having sex for several months. The boy's father found Fahy’s underwear on the floor next to his son's bed. Investigators soon learned that the sexual encounters had taken place in a number of locations, including Fahy's mobile home. When pushed by detectives, the defendant admitted to having both intercourse and oral sex with the boy in multiple places all over Winona and Wabasha counties. For Fahy, her alleged affair with a minor came to an end at around 11.45pm Saturday when the boy’s father entered his Pickwick home in time to spot the 43-year-old running away half-naked from his son’s room. The teen later told police that he was the one to initiate their first sexual encounter ...
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    Huffington Post: Pamela Ann Fahy, 43-Year-Old Minnesota Teacher, Accused Of Sex With 13-Year-Old (Sept 4 2013)

    A 43-year-old woman in Minnesota who worked as a special education teacher is accused of having sex with a 13-year-old boy multiple times. Pamela Ann Fahy, from the town of Hokah, was arrested Sunday. A Winona County man returned home and claimed he saw Fahy run out of his teen son's bedroom naked from the waist down, according to the Winona Daily News. The boy said he and Fahy were having sex, then later told Winona County deputies that the pair had multiple sexual encounters over the past two months, according to the LaCrosse Tribune ... Fahy, who is a licensed child foster care provider, also had two foster children removed from her home Tuesday.
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    Original Greenwich Diva: Foster mother, Pamela Ann Fahy, busted fleeing 13-year-old boy’s bedroom NAKED from the waist down (Sept 4 2013)

    Authorities in Winon said the victim’s father returned home around 11:45 p.m. Saturday to find [Pamela Ann] Fahy naked from the waist down attempting to flee his 13-year-old son’s bedroom. The father was able to stop Fahy and during a 20 minute conversion with her and his son the duo admitted to being in a sexual relationship for several months. The police were called and Fahy, who is the foster mother of two children, was arrested on Sunday ... Her foster children were also removed from her care.
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    Pamela A Fahy​
    5120 State 16​
    Hokah, MN 55941-8802​

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    GUILTY... As if there was any question, getting caught red handed with your pants off no less!
    Sep 5 2014
    WINONA, Minn. — A 44-year-old Hokah woman will serve 180 days in the Houston County jail and 15 years probation for having sex with a 13-year-old boy last year.
    Pamela Ann Fahy pleaded guilty in May to a single count of third-degree criminal sexual conduct. She was sentenced Wednesday in Winona County District Court. Fahy faces a 91-month prison sentence if she fails to comply with probation conditions set by the court.
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    I don't think I'd want to see her with her pants off!