Nathan Miller, Highland, Arkansas (arrested Dec 2011) [sexting]

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    Name: Nathan Miller, Violet Hill, Arkansas

    Age: 30

    School: Highland High School, Highland, Arkansas

    Position: Math teacher

    Victim: Girl, 15


    KAIT 8 (19 Dec 2011): Former Highland HS teacher charged with inappropriate text with student

    Area Wide News (22 Dec 2011): Former Highland teacher arrested for sexual indecency with a child

    The Area Wide News article is a very comprehensive overview of the case with many more details than I can quote here.
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    She's 16
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    how does that matter?
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    He was my teacher for the first part of my senior year :| awkwaard
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    I went to this school the year this happened...and I would hardly call the female a "victim". But, that being said, it really is a shame that this happened. Mr. Miller was a great teacher from what I understood. I have friends that had him and they were passing math for the first times in their lives. Plus, Mr. Miller was just very personable. I think he was approachable for a lot of students that couldn't find many other teachers to be so. I remember when he first started at Highland...he played cards in the library with the nerdier kids on his conference hour. He played video games outside of class with those same students. It's a shame this happened, and I'm not making excuses or validating what happened at all, but Highland lost a good educator. Unfortunately, school hussies will be what they are, and some men are just not strong willed enough to resist.