Guilty! Nadia Christine Diaz, Fresno, California (arrested Sep 2011)

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    Name: Nadia Christine Diaz (formerly Nadia Foth), Fresno, California

    Age: 26

    School: Washington Union High School [Washington Unified School District], Fresno, California

    Position: Social sciences teacher (substitute teacher at the time of the crime)

    Victim: Boy, 14

    Fresno Bee (15 Sept 2011): Teacher accused of sex with a student

    KSEE 24 (15 Sept 2011): Washington Union Teacher Arrested on Charges of Sex with a Minor

    Fresno Bee (16 Sept 2011): Fresno teacher accused of sex with teenage student

    ABC Local 30 (16 Sept 2011): Fresno County teacher denies sex with minor allegations

    CBS 8 (16 Sept 2011): Fresno teacher accused of sex with teenage student

    CBS News (19 Sept 2011): Calif. teacher Nadia Diaz accused of having sex with student

    Nadia Christine Diaz, Nadia Foth, Washington Union High School, Washington Unified School District, Fresno, California
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    UK Daily Mail (21 Sept 2011): Science teacher, 26, 'had sex with student, 14'

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    Fresno Bee (13 Oct 2011): Bail lifted in Easton teacher's sex case: Charges haven't been filed against woman

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    Fresno Bee (5 Dec 2011): Ex-Washington Union teacher charged in minor sex case

    KMJ Now (5 Dec 2011): Criminal Charges Filed Against High School Teacher

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    Fresno Bee (12 Dec 2011): Washington High teacher seeks forgiveness in sex case

    Crime Voice (13 Dec 2011): Washington Union High teacher admits affair with minor student

    UK Daily Mail (14 Dec 2011): Teacher 'begged for God's forgiveness' after being confronted about affair with male student, 15

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    In an unusual turn of events, Nadia Diaz' attorney was arrested, delaying her hearing:

    KMJ: Fresno Lawyer Arrested at Courthouse (March 13 2012)

    [Rick] Berman was trying to get into the courthouse lobby along with his client Nadia Diaz, the former Washington Union High School teacher who's accused of having sex with an underage student. Berman wound up being handcuffed and arrested, but he won't say why. "I'm going to err on the side of caution and take appropriate measures." However, the Fresno County Sheriff's Office says Berman was taken into custody after he refused to hand over a wrench.
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    ABC Local KFSN: Attorney in Fresno Co teacher sex case arrested (March 13 2012)

    Fresno County Sheriff's Deputies handcuffed and arrested the attorney for a former teacher -- accused of having sexual relations with one of her students. Investigators say Rick Berman was entering the courthouse, with Nadia Diaz when Berman had a scuffle with a deputy working security.
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    CBS 47: Former Teacher Facing Sex Charges In Court (March 13 2012)

    A former Washington Union High School Teacher pled not guilty in court today ... Diaz reportedly had a wrench in her purse, and was informed by security that she could not take it inside, so she gave it to Berman. According to officers Berman refused to surrender the wrench. Deputies say Berman was handcuffed, cited at the scene and released.
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    News report on Friday Oct. 5:

    ABC Local KSFN: Ex-Fresno Co. teacher pleads no contest to sex with student

    The former Fresno County high school teacher accused of having sex with a 15-year-old student is no longer fighting the charges. Nadia Diaz has switched to a "no contest" plea to two counts of unlawful intercourse with a minor.
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    Fresno Bee: Ex-Washington Union teacher gets probation for sex with student (Dec 1 2012)

    A former Washington Union High School teacher was sentenced Friday to three years of probation and 30 days in an adult offender work program for having sex with a student in early 2010 ... Judge Dennis Peterson also said Diaz must enroll in mental health counseling and attend a sex offender treatment program. However, the judge did not require her to register as a sex offender for life.
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    Why is there such a double standard here?? This woman is found guilty of having sex with a 14 year old, and does no time in prison, yet you go to the "Tomcats" side and a man does this, he is given the maximum sentence! Is this really going to help this woman realize that she did wrong? This "slap on the wrist" is unbelievable. She doesn't have to register as a sex offender? Why not? Shouldn't every person know that she had sex with a young child?? I know if this were a man, he would be doing no less than 15 years and register as a sex offender! Just stating what has been said many times over!
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    I don't know how much you have followed these types of stories but this outcome is not uncommon in these types of cases. If you do some online searching your level of shock will only grow larger. Overall there is a double standard that believes males cannot be real victims of sexual abuse. Unfortunately I don't see a time when we turn the corner and start treating male and female perpetrators equally.
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    Oh I know, you are completely correct. This site makes it abundantly clear that the way males and females are treated is totally different. As an educator, I am completely in awe of how these women get off with such light sentences, and the men are held to the maximum. I have done a lot of searching and have realized that the courts have a way of finding the "good" in these women, yet a man who does these unthinkable acts is a true spawn of satan. Women need to be held accountable for their actions, and with court cases letting these women off, they are setting up future court cases to be used to keep women from being prosecuted to the fullest extent. The corner will be turned when these so-called "judges" of our flawed courts system step up and make a statement and throw these women to the wolves.
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    And who are they to judge her? just because society or the judges say is wrong doesn't mean it Is, it's not like she killed anybody "oh poor boy he is going to suffer so much" ha. he is probably very happy....have sex with your teachers we are in this world to do what we want with our bodies society is full of (expletive deleted)....
    14 is old enough...he knows what he is doing plus kids watch porn since earlier than you conservative mommies think.....what's the big feel horny too or you think they don't?ha better check twice this age bs is ridiculous...
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    Seriously.... She as a teacher should pay for her actions! She knew better, she should register as a sex offender. He was a minor... She was the adult teacher... Has it been a man he would have gotten slapped with the automatic 5 years in prison!!! She should be serving time.. Well once again the Foth family comes out smelling like roses when they do wrong. Such a shame! Lord knows I won't let her be around my kids!
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