Michelle Stancati, Elkhart, Indiana (arrested Nov 2008) [making meth]

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    Also see the thread for her sister: Maria Stancati, Elkhart, Indiana (suspended Nov 2008)

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    Name: Michelle Stancati, Elkhart, Indiana

    Age: 35

    School: North Side Middle School, Elkhart, Indiana

    Position: Special education teacher

    WNDU (6 Nov 2008): Women arrested for meth lab are Elkhart teachers

    WIBC (13 Nov 2008): Twins Suspended from Teaching Jobs

    eTruth (17 Dec 2008): Teachers accused of making meth have contracts terminated by board

    Fox 28 (4 March 2009): Former teacher arrested for meth making, again

    South Bend Tribune (2 April 2009): Former Elkhart teacher accused of DUI joins twin sister in jail: Twin sisters facing charges for drugs in jail

    Good summary of their problems up to 2 April 2009 -- quite a list!

    WANE (5 May 2009): Twin teachers busted for dealing meth

    WNDU (6 June 2009): Michelle Stancati throws temper tantrum in jail

    WANE (16 June 2009): Twin teachers sentenced on meth charges