Michelle M. Gaby, Pawcatuck, Connecticut (arrested Nov 2012) [DUI]

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    Michelle M. Gaby (12 Pawcatuck Ave., Pawcatuck, Connecticut), 45, substitute teacher for Stonington Public Schools, Pawcatuck, Connecticut, "charged with driving under the influence, and cited for not wearing a seat belt, laned roadway violations and failure to stop at a red light"

    Stonington Patch: Substitute Teacher Charged With DWI (Dec 6 2012)

    According to the by South Kingstown Police Department, an officer noted a Honda driven by Gaby go through a red light at the Dale Carlia intersection, forcing several other cars to stop to avoid a collision. Police said the officer followed the car for a half mile with sirens on, but the car didn’t pull over. Police said the car finally stopped when it hit a parked car on Main Street near Cleveland Street. Police said the driver–Gaby–was confused, and gave multiple answers from where she was coming from: D’Angelo’s, the Wakefield Mall, Hartford and Caswell Street in Narragansett. According to police, Gaby consented to field sobriety tests, which she failed. As a result, she was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated.

    Michelle M. Gaby, Pawcatuck, Connecticut, Stonington Public Schools