Guilty! Michele Lynn Johnson, Brea, California (arrested June 2013)

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    270 days? Strange that she's not listed as an inmate in the Orange County Jail or California Department of Corrections. Has she already served her sentence? Also, she's not registered as a sex offender yet.
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    Not to mention one whose job was to "coach" other teachers to avoid these issues:

    Bowles,31,was employed at his school as a teacher's instructional coach. It was her job to train teachers on how to maintain a professional distance from students.
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    270 days starting 10 months ago would be over by now, especially if it included any credit for time already served.

    If you feel she's remiss in not registering as a sex offender, you might wish to contact the Orange County Sheriff's Department:

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    One of the conditions of her conviction was that she would have to register as a sex offender while on probation for five years. However, after further research, it appears that California law (Penal Code 290) does not allow for a name to be removed from the sex offender registry once it's been added. It's supposedly a lifetime requirement. According to the Orange County District Attorney Case File #13NF2253, there was a special sentencing modification made on June 17, 2014. There are (5) conditions listed under the sentencing category and the requirement to register as a sex offender is not one of them. Therefore, one can only assume she somehow narrowly avoided having that stigma attached.
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