Michael Carvajal & Gene Beasley: US Prisons Director Resigning After Crises-Filled Tenure

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    Top-down mismanagement!

    After the crooked cops bust them, the crooked jailers take over.

    "... the AP revealed that more than 100 Bureau of Prisons workers have been arrested, convicted or sentenced for crimes since the start of 2019, including a warden charged with sexually abusing an inmate."

    Michael Carvajal (left) & Gene Beasley (right)

    US Prisons Director Resigning After Crises-Filled Tenure

    The director of the federal Bureau of Prisons is resigning amid increasing scrutiny over his leadership in the wake of Associated Press reporting that uncovered widespread problems at the agency, including a recent story detailing serious misconduct involving correctional officers. Michael Carvajal, a Trump administration holdover who’s been at the center of myriad crises within the federal prison system, has told Attorney General Merrick Garland he is resigning, the Justice Department said. He will stay on for an interim period until a successor is in place. It is unclear how long that process would take. His exit comes just weeks ...

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    Director Michael Carvajal and Deputy Director Gene Beasley are resigning from the Federal Bureau Of Prisons.

    7 Jan 2022

    Reports made by the Associated Press showed lawmakers that more than 100 Bureau of Prisons workers have been arrested, convicted, or sentenced for crimes since the start of 2019. Now, Director Michael Carvajal, and Deputy Director Gene Beasley are resigning. Two of AP’s most recent reports include a warden in California, Ray J. Garcia and an associate warden in New York, Antonia Ashford. Ray J. Garcia, a warden at the Federal Correctional Institute Dublin in California’s San Francisco Bay area allegedly groped a female ward, and asked at least two inmates to strip naked for him, and stored photographs of ...