Guilty! Lisa Davis, Othello, Washington (charged July 2013)

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    Lisa Davis, 48, 5th-grade teacher at Scootney Springs Elementary School, Othello School District 147, Othello, Washington, "being investigated for alleged sex crimes committed against one of her 10 year old male students"

    KHQ: UPDATE: Former 5th Grade Teacher Being Investigated For Alleged Sexual Molestation Of Student (July 8 2013)

    According to Othello Police, [Lisa] Davis was under investigation since May 30th when complaints were reported to police that she sexually molested one of her students. After completing an investigation, police forwarded their findings on the Adams County Prosecutor. Police recommended charging Davis with 1st degree Child Molestation. Police say Davis and the 10 year old victim are not related.

    Lisa Davis, Othello, Washington, Scootney Springs Elementary School, Othello School District
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    KVEW TV: Othello teacher may face molestation charges involving boy, 10 (July 8 2013)

    Othello Police Chief Alvia Dunnagan said Monday that on May 30 school officials reported to police there was unprofessional behavior involving Lisa Davis, a fifth grade teacher at Scootney Springs Elementary School, and a 10-year-old boy. Police conducted a month-long investigation and recommended to prosecutors Davis be charged with two counts of first degree child molestation. Dunnagan confirmed the incidents happened both on and off campus and police believe only one victim was involved.
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    KEPR TV: Othello teacher accused of molesting 5th grader (July 8 2013)

    KREM-TV in Spokane reports Davis could face two counts of first degree child molestation. The Spokane station says the alleged victim was in Davis' reading class. The Othello Police Department says it is confident a crime was committed against the ten-year-old after conducting a month-long investigation. KREM-TV says other employees at the school alerted police to the woman's behavior.
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    Spokesman Review: Othello teacher accused of molesting child, 10 (July 9 2013)

    The investigation began on May 30 after school officials received information that a teacher was engaging in activities that were “inappropriate or at least unprofessional,” said George Juarez, Othello School District superintendent. Juarez reported the behavior to police and placed Davis on leave. The teacher resigned June 18, before the district’s or the police investigation concluded.
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    KREM: Othello community stunned at Davis' molestation accusation (July 9 2013)

    [Lisa] Davis, an accused child molester and former 5th and 6th grade teacher, resigned in June before allegations that she was sexually inappropriate with one of her male students ... Othello police said the month long investigation lead them to believe the accusations. Officials said Davis resigned before the investigation was completed.
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    UK Daily Mail: Award-winning fifth grade teacher, 48, 'molested one of her 10-year-old male students on and off campus' (July 9 2013)

    A 48-year-old award winning fifth grade teacher has been accused of sexually assaulting one of her 10-year-old male students. Lisa Davis, a married mother of three, is alleged to have molested the boy at school and away from the Washington campus ... Another teacher at the school tipped off police because of their concerns over her behavior with the boy. The student confirmed the incidents happened both on and off campus. Davis is alleged to have taken the boy to the movies. Investigators have recommended that Davis be charged with two counts of child molestation.​
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    Daily Caller: Fifth-grade teacher investigated for sexually molesting 10-year-old boy in her class (July 9 2013)

    Police in Othello have been investigating Scootney Springs Elementary School teacher Lisa Davis, reports KHQ. In late May, another local teacher informed school officials that something fishy might be going on between Davis and the fifth-grader. “Our investigation unveiled some criminal elements. Enough to charge her, we believe,” Othello police chief Alvia Dunnigan told the local NBC affiliate. The alleged, unnamed victim was in the teacher’s reading class, according to local CBS affiliate KREM.
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    Columbia Basin Herald: Othello teacher accused of child molestation (July 10 2013)

    Othello Police Chief Steve Dunnagan said employees with the Othello School District came to police with information of alleged inappropriate behavior between Davis and a 10-year-old male student about one month ago. Davis also allegedly took the student to a movie. Dunnagan said officers filed the recommended charges Friday with the prosecutor's office, adding the results of the month investigation "revealed enough information to support criminality." Davis was under investigation since May 30. Randy Flyckt, of the prosecutor's office, said the recommendations are currently being reviewed by prosecutor's to make a decision on any potential criminal charges.
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    KNDO: Detectives Recommending Charges Against Othello Teacher (July 10 2013)

    The Othello School District first became aware of Lisa Davis's alleged relations with a 5th grade student at the end of May. Then in June, Davis resigned from Scootney Springs Elementary. Hearing rumors, the school district contacted the police to look into the accusations ... After their five week investigation, the police department findings have been forwarded to the prosecutors office.
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    Columbia Basin Herald: Othello PD recommends child molestation charges against elementary teacher (July 9 2013)

    Chief Steve Dunnagan said officers suggested the Adams County Prosecutor’s Office charge Lisa Davis with two counts of first-degree child molestation. The recommended charges were filed Friday with the prosecutor’s office, which is currently reviewing the report.
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    KREM: Court records: Wash. teacher told family about kissing 5th grader (July 24 2013)

    Investigators learned that Davis and the boy spent a lot of time together and spoke frequently on the phone. David took the boy to out of town movies and gave gifts to him and his family according to court documents. The alleged relationship between the teacher and boy began in 2012 and continued until 2013 according to investigators. Police stated that the relationship ended when Davis’ husband called the alleged victim’s father. Her husband asked that the child stop calling Davis.

    Authorities interviewed the boy on May 31, 2013. He told authorities that Davis kissed him and touched his genitals. Court documents stated the boy touched Davis’ breasts. The child said the incidents happened in her classroom and at a house belonging to Davis’ friend. Court documents detailed that the boy and Davis were at the friend’s house days prior. The friend was out of town. Davis admitted to the behavior on May 30 according to the court documents.
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    Yakima Herald: Othello teacher faces molestation charges (July 25 2013)

    Othello teacher Lisa Davis, 48, is accused of molesting a 10-year-old boy. She resigned last month and was charged last week in Adams County Superior Court with child molestation.
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    KREM: Former Othello teacher pleads not guilty to molesting 5th grader (July 29 2013)

    Former Scootney Springs Elementary School teacher, Lisa Davis, pleaded not guilty Monday afternoon in court to molesting a 10-year-old boy. The judge scheduled Davis' trial to being in mid-October. Prosecutors in Adams County filed documents Friday detailing why a former elementary school teacher is accused of molesting a student. Prosecutors charged Lisa Davis, 48, with one count of First Degree Child Molestation ... The filing stated that Davis told her husband, three adults son, and daughter-in-law that she participated in inappropriate behavior with the victim. She admitted to kissing the boy and touching his genitals according to the court documents. The filing said Davis confirmed that the boy touched her breasts too. Davis claimed the touch happened two or three times according to investigators.

    Northwest Cable News: Former Othello, WA teacher pleads not guilty to molesting 5th grader (July 29 2013)

    iFiber One News: Former Othello teacher pleads not guilty to child molestation (July 29 2013)
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    KHQ: UPDATE: Former Elementary Teacher Pleads Not Guilty To Sex Crimes Against Her 10-Year-Old Student (July 29 2013)

    ... Lisa Davis along with her defense attorney Patrick Earl entered a not guilty plea to 1st degree child molestation. Davis is facing that charge after investigators say she had inappropriate contact with one of her 10-year-old male students ... After entering a plea Davis was released without bail under certain conditions. She should have no contact with the 10 year old victim and not come closer than 500 feet of the victim's home and school.

    The Herald: Ex-Othello teacher pleads not guilty (July 30 2013)

    Yahima Herald: Former teacher pleads not guilty of child molestation (July 31 2013)
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    KXLY: Othello teacher pleads not-guilty to child molestation (July 29 2013)

    In the affidavit, investigators say the 48-year-old Davis started spending time and talking on the phone with a then 10-year-old male student. The two would go out of town and movies together. Paperwork goes on to say that the relationship started in late 2012 and didn't end until late May of 2013 when Davis' husband called the boys father and told him to stop allowing his son to call his wife. Davis is accused of kissing the 10-year-old, touching his genitals and allowing him to touch her breasts. This activity was said to have happened in the classroom as well as outside. Police were notified of the suspicious activity by a member of the Othello school district on May 30th.
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    KVEW TV: Ex-teacher Enters Plea to Molestation Charges (July 29 2013)

    A former Othello fifth grade teacher makes her first court appearance today in Ritzville to plead not guilty to a charge of first-degree child molestation. Lisa Davis was charged after officials at Scootney Springs Elementary School alerted police there had allegedly been unprofessional behavior on Davis' part with a 10-year-old boy.
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    October 30, 2013
    Former Othello teacher Lisa Davis was sentenced Monday to a minimum of 12 months in jail after pleading guilty to first-degree child molestation last month.
    An Adams County Superior Court judge originally sentenced Davis, 48, to more than four years for molesting a 10-year-old boy. The judge agreed to suspend all but 12 months of the sentence if Davis can complete a special sex offender treatment program.
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