Leslie Buscher, Portage, Michigan (arrested July 2011) [DUI]

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    News report on Thursday, Oct. 11:

    Wood TV: 'Super drunk' teacher-mom found guilty

    A Van Buren County district judge found a former Portage teacher guilty of being "super drunk" in a case that involved legal twists and turns since her arrest in July 2011. The judge found Leslie Buscher guilty of operating a vehicle while intoxicated with a high blood alcohol content (Michigan's "super drunk" law), operating while intoxicated with an occupant under 16 years old, and having an open intoxicant.
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    WTVB AM: Teacher Arrested On Drunk Driving charges (Nov 1 2012)

    Another former Portage School employee was in court at the end of a long prosecution this week. Former 5thGrade teacher Leslie Buscher was found two summers ago, slumped over the wheel of her SUV, so drunk that concern officers took her to the hospital before taking her to jail. They found her two toddlers strapped into the back seat and a half empty cup of vodka in the cup holder.